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Branding Strategies
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Three Branding Strategies That Made Nutella a Business Success

This year hazelnut spread Nutella turned 50, and its huge fan base has been celebrating with events across the country. Using the tagline “Spread the Happy,” Nutella has crossed the threshold from being a simple food product to national obsession, and its rise to the top could be a case study for entrepreneurs on how...
Business Apps
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When Free Business Tools Are a Bad Idea

From blog platforms to email marketing services and conference call lines, plenty of free business tools are available that can help entrepreneurs launch their companies while saving money. But do free tools undermine your professional reputation? “There’s a common saying in the world of Internet companies: If you are not paying for the product, then...
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How to Be a Reporter’s Favorite News Source

As a writer for StartupNation as well as Fast Company and Entrepreneur, I get a lot of emails and press releases from small-business owners and publicists hoping to get some press. Some are great but unfortunately most are not, and my delete key often gets a workout as I review my inbox. Then there are...
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How to Become a Duct Tape Salesperson

Starting a business takes a good idea and a passion to see it through, but it also takes the ability to sell. Whether you’re selling your product to a customer, your service to a corporation or your idea to an investor, an entrepreneur needs to be a sales superstar … except that many feel they...
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Flatout: How a Flatbread Became a Flatout Success

Mike and Stacey Marsh met on the campus of Michigan State University during the ‘80s. Marketing majors and food lovers, the pair opened Y&S Deli in Ann Arbor, Mich. in 1990 a few years after graduation. An “upscale Subway,” the restaurant grew a large following due in part to the delicious wraps they served –...
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How Getting Sued Helped HireAHelper Grow Its Business

It was 2008 and Mike Glanz, CEO and cofounder of HireAHelper, had just grabbed a quick lunch at the burger chain Carl’s Jr. The entrepreneur and recent college grad was busy growing a company that matched homeowners with moving companies when a man stopped him in the parking lot to deliver a package no business owner...
facebook following growth
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How Klooff Grew Its Facebook Following To 1.2M In 17 Days

Looking at cute animal photos on the Internet and Facebook isn’t just fun, it’s good for your health and can boost your productivity, studies say. For Alejandro Russo, it’s also good business. In July 2011, he launched Klooff, the first user-generated online pet channel, where animal lovers can upload and share their favorite pictures. “Consuming pet content...