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Business Builder eBook Series: Finance Fundamentals [Free Download]



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StartupNation inspires, educates and consistently attracts entrepreneurs and small business owners from Main Street America who want to be their own bosses and live the American Dream.

StartupNation’s Business Builder eBook Series provides you with a FREE downloadable guide to help you start, grow or manage your business.

In this Finance Fundamentals eBook, you’ll learn key insights into raising and managing finances for small business. After developing the idea for your startup, now comes the difficult part: financing your project.

Click here to download StartupNation’s FREE Finance Fundamentals eBook!

finance fundamentals

Financing your small business requires a variety of funding options, such as self-funded bootstrapping, online lending options, crowdfunding and applying for business grants. Startups require capital to grow, and in order to avoid getting into cash flow problems (or debt) early on, smart budgeting is essential to your success.

In this Finance Fundamentals eBook, our contributing authors, thought leaders and industry experts address finance-related issues and strategies to help you prepare your financials for the bank.

Included in Finance Fundamentals eBook

  • Entrepreneur John Rampton, who addresses social finance and retirement account loans
  • Ann Logue, a business and financial writer who writes about Fintech and venture capital
  • David Iafrate, founder and CEO of International Bancard, shares the top four reasons why your business should accept credit cards
  • Exclusive book and audio excerpt from author and entrepreneur Ed “Skip” McLaughlin’s, “The Purpose is Profit”
  • BONUS: The eBook features an exclusive introduction from StartupNation co-founder, Jeff Sloan, who offers four essential tips to guide your journey in raising and managing your startup’s finances

Click here to download StartupNation’s FREE Finance Fundamentals eBook!

We hope you enjoy the articles compiled in StartupNation’s Finance Fundamentals eBook, and look forward to your feedback.

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