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Raising Capital for Your Startup: Top Legal Considerations to Know

It’s an issue every entrepreneur and new business must face: raising capital for your business. Even though you may start your business with your own nest egg or your company may be able to operate for a while on its own revenues, at some point, you’re likely to need outside funding to grow. While capital...
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5 Financing Sources for New Businesses

Many new entrepreneurs start their businesses with funds from their own personal savings, or by getting friends and family to help them get off the ground. But that’s not an option for everyone. What do you do then? Your first inclination is probably to try to get a bank loan. But it can be very...
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5 Ways That a Kickstarter Campaign Can Launch You Into Retail

Seven months. That's how long it took from the day our Kickstarter campaign ended until we were delivering a purchase order to Toys R Us. And soon after came Bed Bath & Beyond, Hobby Lobby and Michaels, distributing our invention called Walkie Chalk, a standup sidewalk chalk holder that allows you to “Stand Up and...
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The 5 Best Ways to Fund Your Startup This Year

While it would be cool to pitch for investment on "Shark Tank," not everybody can, or needs to. So don’t worry if you don’t get the chance. The vast majority of startups get their initial capital through other means. If you plan to launch your business this year, know that more options exist than ever...
gig economy
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Many Entrepreneurs Hope Gig Economy Leads to New Career

The rise of the gig economy has reshaped the way Americans approach their careers. Just a decade or two ago, “moonlighting” was frowned upon by many employers, but attitudes have changed. Today, it’s not uncommon for full-time employees to have a side gig as they pursue their entrepreneurial passion or dream. Many entrepreneurs use the...
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Business Builder E-Book Series: Finance Fundamentals [Free Download]

StartupNation’s Business Builder e-book series provides you with a FREE downloadable guide to help you start, grow or manage your business. In this Finance Fundamentals e-book, you’ll learn key insights into raising and managing finances for small business. After developing the idea for your startup, now comes the difficult part: financing your project. Click here...
Cash flow
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6 Ways to (Quickly) Boost Your Startup’s Cash Flow

A positive cash flow is the lifeblood of any successful small business. When your supply of capital begins to dry up, you can’t afford any delays in finding a solution. Identifying ways to improve your cash flow quickly can help your small business avoid any snags that could disrupt operations. When time is of the...
Live Free or DIY
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Live Free or DIY: The Startup Capital You Didn’t Know You Had [Book Excerpt]

From startup to growth to pivoting in a changing marketplace, "Live Free or DIY" reveals how small business owners in every industry encounter the same roadblocks—and how the solutions are simpler than you think. Whether wrestling with strategies for attracting customers, growing revenue, dealing with red tape, or getting the most out of every twenty-four hours,...