20 Ideas About Money and Success That Will Spark Your Creative Genius

If you’re having trouble breaking out of a creative funk, here are 20 inspiring ideas that will help you reframe the way you think about money and success.

  1. Starting a business will not automatically improve the quality of your life.
  2. Being a beginner is one of the most powerful positions you can find yourself in. Ignorance and the willingness to change and adapt almost always leads to positive growth.
  3. If your work is incredible, you won’t need to beg people.
  4. Popularity is not a business strategy. It’s a tactic at best. And it can fade, quickly.
  5. Just because you’re scared doesn’t mean you can’t be brave. All warriors feel fear.
  6. Jealousy is when you overestimate others and underestimate yourself.
  7. You can binge an entire series on Netflix this weekend and still be successful. Just so you know.
  8. If you want better answers, ask better questions. Begin by challenging the beliefs you already hold. Where can you prove yourself wrong?
  9. Successful people still get scared. We still procrastinate and mess things up. You don’t have to be perfect to live an incredible life.
  10. “Letting go” is not the same thing as “giving up.” One comes from a place of strength. The other, from a place of fear. Choose wisely.

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  11. Many people want the money and freedom that comes with entrepreneurship, but not the struggle, confusion or outright desperation at times. You’ve gotta earn it.
  12. Consuming content about creativity is not the same thing as creating.
  13. The school system has conditioned us to think that there are very narrow limits for what’s possible. Once you realize there are no limits, the real game begins.
  14. In a world of constant distraction, the ability to focus on one thing at a time is a super power.
  15. Patience will always achieve more than force over time.
  16. Protect your energy and your time. That’s where everything else flows from.
  17. If it’s not adding, it’s subtracting.
  18. When it’s easy, don’t take it for granted. When it’s hard, don’t take it personally.
  19. Your fear of looking stupid is wasting time.
  20. Here’s a daily affirmation for you: “I’m grateful to the universe for giving me the opportunity to provide for myself and my family through my effort.”

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