A ChatGPT Challenge: PROMPT Authors Ask for an Analogy

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When we interviewed the authors of the new book PROMPT, we asked how creative ChatGPT could be. We used as an example the phrase they came up with to describe their book: “a cookbook for the marketing world.”

Was such a turn of phrase still solely the province of the creative human mind? Or could ChatGPT come up with an analogy like that?

So, we reached out to Richard Bowman and David Boyle of Audience Strategies, the authors of PROMPT, A practical guide to brand growth using ChatGPT. 

In response, Bowman and Boyle put ChatGPT to a test. Here is how that played out:

Author prompt to ChatGPT: We describe PROMPT as “a cookbook for marketing.” What other analogies could we have come up with?

ChatGPT response: There are a variety of different analogies that could be used to describe PROMPT as a framework for decision-making and problem-solving. Here are a few examples:

  • A blueprint for success: Just as a blueprint is a detailed plan that guides the construction of a building, PROMPT can be thought of as a plan that guides the achievement of business or personal goals.
  • A toolbox for problem-solving: Just as a toolbox contains a variety of tools that can be used to complete different tasks, PROMPT provides a set of tools and techniques for solving problems and achieving goals.
  • A recipe for success: As you mentioned, PROMPT can be thought of as a cookbook for marketing, in the same way that a cookbook provides a set of instructions for making different dishes.
  • A roadmap to reach your destination: Similar to a navigation system that gives you the direction to reach your desired location, PROMPT provides the guidance to reach your goal.
  • A GPS for business decision-making: Just as a GPS device provides real-time navigation and guidance, PROMPT can provide real-time guidance for business decision-making.
  • A Playbook for winning strategies: Like in sports, having a playbook can give you the edge to win. PROMPT can be thought as a playbook that provides strategies to win in business.

All these analogies can help to convey the idea that PROMPT is a comprehensive and systematic approach that can be used to guide decision-making and problem-solving in a variety of contexts.

A note on the authors:

David Boyle has 20+ years of experience using technology to develop audience intelligence and strategy capabilities in the creative industries. He has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious entertainment and luxury brands, including EMI Music, HarperCollins Publishers, BBC, MasterClass and Harrods. Boyle runs Audience Strategies, an agency that helps brands use a deep understanding of their audiences to drive growth.

Richard Bowman has 15 years of experience in the FMCG, media and entertainment industries. He has designed and delivered consumer segmentations and innovation plans for some of the world’s biggest brands. Bowman works with the team at Audience Strategies and also runs This Is Insight, a consumer and market research and data consultancy to help brands grow.

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