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The Best Marketing Automation Software Apps and Tools

In order to drum up business, you need to have the best marketing tools. With the Internet, all of the tools and apps you will ever need for marketing automation are right at your fingertips. All you need to do is search for them, and we will make your search a bit easier. Here are some of the top marketing software apps and tools that offer loads of great features and capabilities that will help to streamline your marketing functions and get you more customers and sales.

  • Marketo – This is a multi-functional platform that offers a number of tools. Some of the top features include email marketing and campaign management, lead generation, search marketing, landing pages, forms, website visitor tracking, etc. The cost ranges from $999 to $1,499 per month, depending on the number of campaigns you have going.
  • Cloudswave – When you want marketing software apps and tools, but you want to get the best price, you need to shop around. You can do that on one website, where you will find reviews, software coupons and discounts for many different types of software.
  • AdRoll– You can re-engage leads and customers with social media marketing using this re-targeting platform. Features include cross-platform retargeting, awesome LiquidAds, flexible segmentation, transparent analytics, and more. There is a two-week trial, and you can customize packages for your budget, with no contracts or commitments.
  • Pardot– This is a Salesforce product, and is a marketing automation tool with all of the features you will ever need for driving sales via email marketing and accelerating pipelines. You can use to generate new leads, for social marketing, and a whole lot more. Features include landing pages, form builders, lead scoring, a segmentation wizard, and more. The cost ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 per month for Standard, Pro, and Ultimate packages.
  • Eloqua – Use this for everything from campaign management to segmentation and much more. Some of the best features include campaign templates that are tailored to your needs, landing page creation, event management, email marketing campaigns, and more. There are three packages: Basic, $2,000 for up to 10 users; Standard, $4,000 for up to 50 users, and Enterprise for unlimited users (contact for a price quote for this package).
  • – This tool can be used to send messages to your customers based on how they interact with your business. Features include flexible segmentation, pageviews, A/B testing, and rich customer profiles. The cost is based on email credits and the number of people, and ranges from $0 to $1,250 per month.
  • Bremy– Get all kinds of tools, including video proofing, database publishing, email newsletters, and more. Features include streamlined video proofing, advanced digital asset management, tickets, and point of sale within specifications. Contact Bremy for a price quote.
  • HubSpot – This is a popular marketing platform, with many tools, including lead monitoring, landing pages, content management, real-time data, and a whole lot more. Contact HubSpot to get a quote for packages, and don’t forget to ask about the free trial period.
  • Pica9– This local marketing automation platform gives you brand resource management, email, landing pages, social, and more. Features include customized print collateral, easy HTML tools, HTML5 web banners, platform reporting, etc. Plans start at $1,000 per month, depending on the number of users and email contacts.
  • Canterris– Use this platform to optimize content, manage leads, coordinate campaigns, etc. Some of the coolest features include the creation and management of email, identifying sales leads, website publishing tools, optimizing web content, and more. Plans range from $30 per month for one user to $350 per month for unlimited users.
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