Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device for Small Businesses [Infographic]

Remember how spending large amounts of time on your cellphone at work could land you in trouble? That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore–certainly not for approximately 60 percent of companies around the world. That figure reflects the number of businesses that have implemented BYOD (bring your own device) policies in the workplace, allowing employees to use their personal devices in the office and connect to the company’s network.

Irish bulk SMS marketing company Neon SMS created this infographic about BYOD, outlining why it can be so beneficial both for managers and employees, while also advising on how best to implement BYOD within the workplace. Employees who are allowed to use their own devices at work often repay the favor with greater productivity, resulting from the familiarity with their personal devices in comparison to the company’s equipment. In turn, this allows the organization to possibly steal a march on competitors, so surely there’s no reason to oppose BYOD in the workplace?

Some managers have cited a rather big issue: security. Concerns have been raised over the security of mobile devices and company data and these are justifiable reservations, although such fears can be alleviated by the inclusion of clear security procedures in BYOD policy.

The infographic below is an excellent beginner’s guide to the bring your own device practice and includes a well-informed section on the best ways to adopt BYOD for small businesses.

BYOD for Small Business

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