Are You Scaring Customers With Your BtoB Content?

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5 Frightening Tips to Avoid

It’s October, and that means everyone will be talking about haunted houses, scary stories and Halloween fun. With this in mind, are you scaring customers away with your BtoB content and marketing?

It’s a busy time of year so it can be easy to forget some simple, business tactics to keep customers happy and see sales increase. Here’s a reminder on…

5 Tips to Avoid Scaring Customers Away with your BtoB Content!
1. Talk about yourself.

Is all of your content focused on you and your products and services? If so, it’s time for a change. People want to know what’s in it for them so talk about benefits instead of features.

2. Use sales language.

Is your copy all about Sell, Sell, Sell!? If so, you are doing yourself a disfavor. No one cares about what you are selling! Provide valuable information specific to your customers instead. Then, they will be more likely to buy.

3. Have misspellings and grammatical mistakes.

Have you reviewed all of your content lately? If you find errors, fix them immediately. You don’t want to make a bad impression.

4. Avoid showing credibility.

If you talk about specific benefits of your products and services, be sure to back them up with facts.

Offer research papers, survey-data and even link to outside reports and articles that will confirm the ideas within your content.

5. Not providing a call-to-action.

At the end of your content, are you providing a next step for customers to follow?

Guide them through the process and let them know what they need to do to get more information, buy your products, and more.

Stop Frightening New Customers with Bad Content!

October is full of spooky fun. But, if you scare your customers away, your sales numbers will frighten you!

To avoid this, review your content and make sure you are providing benefits, value, correct information, and credibility.

Then, your customers will care about what you have to say and want to find out more information about your products and services.

What are you going to do today to improve your marketing messages and increase sales?

For help with your BtoB Content Strategy, please write to me here or at

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