4 Collaboration Tools That Help Entrepreneurs to Work Smarter

The modern-day entrepreneur is an expert in utilizing technology to manage and market themselves and their business. But there are simple, agile ways to streamline your focus and grow your company, as well. Collaboration tools help to unify your communications, bring stakeholders together, manage multiple teams and take your business to the next level.

Below are four collaboration tools that will help you work smarter and grow faster:

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Cloud PBX

Best for: When you are moving or expanding offices

Replacing your old phone system is an easy place to start when it comes to collaboration tools. Deploying a cloud-hosted PBX digitalizes the features of your familiar phone system, including call forwarding, unifying messages, voicemail and more. This solution can be used on any device, across multiple workforces and is a simple technology to introduce when thinking about moving or scaling your office.

Unifying your communications into a Cloud PBX solution means the user can do more while the management system is simplified, as you are able to manage incoming and outgoing calls from a single interface. This allows you to streamline your workday so that focus can be on other business priorities. These systems can also scale alongside your infrastructure, meaning they can fit into your business needs and ensure continuity as you execute your future growth plans.

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Microsoft Teams

Best for: Communicating internally and externally on group projects

Microsoft Teams can radically transform teamwork within your organization by introducing a simple but sleek platform which integrates with Office 365 and reduces friction between apps with audio, web, chat, meeting and video conferencing features in one place.

With Teams, you can schedule and join meetings, share files from applications like Word, Excel and Powerpoint across desktops during meetings, as well as share calendars, files and emails. This tool can be used on any device and is simple to introduce across different locations.

Microsoft Teams is ideal if you are looking to expand your team internationally or introduce remote working to your startup. With many organizations looking to digitalize their workplace, outsourcing resources is a popular choice. As a result, you could be working with multiple freelancers at once, so Teams is a simple way to keep all communication in one place.

Cisco Webex Teams

Best for: Future proofing your meetings

Cisco Webex Teams is a cleverly designed ecosystem of collaboration services. In a single interface, your team can have access to everything they need on any device, perfect for creating a continuous workflow experience. Webex Teams integrates your meetings, phone systems, messaging, content sharing and video calling with your familiar tools to ease the transition process across your organization. This tool is supported by a highly secure cloud infrastructure to ensure peace of mind while introducing new technologies into your startup’s daily routine.

Cisco Webex Teams is a great way to simplify your systems so your team can work anywhere, from any device. It’s important to invest in a tool that enables your business to work smarter and more securely, in turn preparing your organization for expansion and further innovation.

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Best for: Collaborating across international teams  

BlueJeans is a “one stop” platform for everything video. You and your team can engage in video, audio and web meetings anywhere across mobile devices, desktops and room systems with BlueJeans’ built in high definition feature. The integrated workflows allow you to schedule and start live video meetings instantly from all of your familiar collaboration and calendar tools, across your favorite devices.

BlueJeans offers a new meeting experience with one-touch meetings from your own scheduling platforms from any global location. Central management and reporting enable international file sharing, as well real time collaboration. BlueJeans gives your business flexibility by helping your team to expand and work together from anywhere in the world.

Collaboration tools can help entrepreneurs work smarter, no matter what industry or what stage their business is at. You can simplify your systems, work with the best talent and ultimately free up time working on key business objectives, such as creating business agility and facilitating growth.

What collaboration tools has your startup used that you would recommend? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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