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How to Find the Content-Strategy Tech You Really Need

Find the right SEO tools to help your reach your goals

SEO and Social Media and Infographics… Oh My!

There is a lot of buzz out there about search engine optimization (SEO), content strategy and interacting with your customers. I don’t know about you, but I get at least five e-mails a day telling me about some new SEO or social media tool that’s going to “rock my world” and have new revenues streaming in!

While it’s important to know about new technology and what your competitors are doing, it’s more important to think about your customers. With this in mind, here are…

3 Ways to Find the Content-Strategy Tech You Really Need

1. How do your customers access information?

Do you know what kind of technology your customers are using to access information and make purchasing-decisions? You may have a young audience who is always texting, using social media and sharing videos. They don’t read. They just watch.

In contrast, your target-market may consist of an older audience who sticks to traditional marketing such as reading direct mail, talking on the phone and looking at Power Point presentations.

2. What content do your customers view most?

Look at your social-media tracking and Website analytics to see what content is the most popular on your site. This will help you understand what your customers find valuable and what they spend the most time viewing and sharing.

Maybe they read your blogs, download white papers and tip sheets, look at videos, or share something else frequently? If you don’t know, ask your sales team for insights or send out a customer survey and get some answers.

3. What is working and what isn’t?

Once you have your data and focus on providing the kind of SEO content that your customers actually use, track the results. If something is working and bringing in more customers and sales, use more of that technology and content. If content is not working, test new copy and other ways to get your message across.

Give Customers What They Want.

Providing valuable content that actually gets read is a constant process of tracking, testing and changing. If you don’t know what technology to use, start with the information you already have. Review your analytics to see what is most popular, and then provide the same type of content to review what happens.

Test delivering different kinds of content in various ways, and see what works best. Then, create an editorial calendar outlining exactly what content you are going to provide in the future and when. Using technology in your SEO content strategy does not need to be a giant hassle. Instead, focus on your customers, and try to give them exactly what they want.

By having a strategic process in place, testing new technologies and messaging and constantly making changes for the best results, you will increase sales without wasting time or money. But more important, you’ll gain loyal customers who will want to spread the word about your great content!

What are you going to do today with your content to give customers what they want?

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