With fabulous memories of New Orleans during better times, I was reminded last night of a New Orleans’ term , “lagniappe.” It means “a little something extra,” like an extra cherry on top of the sundae, or the prize in the cracker jack box. The word is used mostly in Louisiana and Southeast Texas, but it just might be something you should consider using in your business.

In the dictionary the word is defined as a small gift with purchase, or a bonus. And boy, did I get one yesterday. I took my son to get his hair cut and to return a gift. My husband gave me a top for my birthday that I really like, so, while at the mall, I decided to check out the store it came from, it’s called J. Jill. I had never been in there before.

When I walked in, a waiter offered us an appetizer from a silver tray. Moments later, another offered me a glass of wine, “red? or white?” he asked. The manager came to greet me and thank me for coming. I was flabbergasted! It was great! I shopped and drank wine and tried on clothes. If I had known, I wouldn’t have had my son with me, but I certainly can think of a couple of friends I’d have brought along.

I will shop at that store again. My five year old ran out patience before my glass was half empty, but, I will tell you my spirit was lifted and I was utterly impressed. They don’t have wine everyday, just quarterly when the new clothes arrive, I guess. But what a treat. And what a good idea.

No matter what your business, you can always add lagniappe. Give it a try and make someone’s day!

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