March Madness: sales prospecting techniques idea for home based businesses

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It only happens twice each year. Today & tomorrow are magical days for home based businesses.

But you’ve got to catch this magic in a bottle right now! The opportunity window closes at 5pm Friday afternoon.

Here’s the deal. Your customers and prospects are at work. They can’t watch tv at work. They want to watch tv at work during the next 2 days. Why? Do you know how many office pools are going on across the country for the NCAA basketball tournament? Many thousands of people, most of whom are not even college basketball fans, are paying attention to the first round games that are being played today and tomorrow.

Mary from accounting made her selections based on the schools that she considered going to when she was in high school.

Bill from procurement prefers colleges that are small & have Cinderella potential.

Susan the executive you’ve been playing phone tag with for the past month has a son at Gonzaga, a niece at Duke and a neighbor’s son whom she never liked (the brat broke 3 of her front windows with baseballs one summer) at Villanova – she filled out her bracket with all this in mind and truly cares – but only today & tomorrow – about who wins these basketball games.

Your strategy? CALL THEM!!! Let them know that you’re watching the games and …

“Oh My goodness!!!! You should have seen that shot!! I can’t believe that Montana is hanging with Nevada this deep into the 2nd half!!!

Anyway, Susan, I’m thinking that next week would be good to get started on the contract I emailed to you the other day.”

This is a sales prospecting technique that works like a charm. All of a sudden, the credibility issue of having a home based business is totally forgotten. You’re in the know. You have inside scoop on things that matter to your customers and prospects. Sure, they can sneak a peak at the internet to follow the scores, but if they talk to you, a real business call, they can justify musing about how they picked the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee to upset Oklahoma in the first round. After all, every year there is a number 11 seed that knocks off a number 6. Why wouldn’t it be UW Milwaukee this year?

So embrace your home based business advantage for the next couple of days. Flaunt it even. Do your administrative tasks in the morning and work those phones in the afternoon. It’s a sales prospecting technique that only comes twice a year.

My upset pick for today? Texas A&M over Syracuse. My reasoning? It snows way too much in Syracuse for me to root for them.

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