The Irresistible Power of Packages

When you can do a Google search and come up with thousands of options, you can’t be selling the same old same old and expect to stand out. That’s where packages come in.

Are you having trouble selling your products or services?    

Even if they used to sell like hotcakes, these days loads of entrepreneurs are finding demand has dried up for what they have to offer. Part of it is the shift to a more frugal-minded economy for sure. But part of it is also the amount of competition out there.   

When you can do a Google search and come up with hundreds, or even thousands, of Web designers (or energy workers, widget sellers or whatever), you can’t be selling the same old same old and expect to stand out and get business.

That’s where packages come in. Packages are basically bundles of related products and/or services sold together under a sassy name. And they are a really effective way for you to jump-start sales for a number of reasons:

1) Packages let you offer more value without necessarily doing more work.

All you’re doing is reframing what you offer by bundling it together instead of offering it a la carte. People really do want more value for their dollar. When you create a package, they see that they’re getting more so they’re more willing to make an investment.

So rather than selling consulting, and ebooks, and ongoing coaching, put all three together into one package. Same goes for products. Instead of selling them onesie-twosie, or in parts and pieces, try bundling multiples or all the parts and pieces into packages.

2) Packages make it easier for people to choose you over the competition.

When you have a package with a unique name, suddenly you’re offering something no one else has. In other words, if you’re the only one that offers a Business Productivity Turbo Boost program with these three components, then you have no competition. Thus, if someone wants a Business Productivity Turbo Boost program (or those three components) they have to come to you.

3) Packages make it easier for prospects to make a buying decision.

As someone in my Business Lifestyle Catapult group coaching program said recently, “Nobody wants to buy vague coaching!” People buy tangibles, they buy results, they buy benefits. And when you create a package and market it right, you create a tangible offering with clear benefits that deliver better results.

4) Packages can help you even out your cash flow.

You can create your packages so you’re paid up front for work done later, or so you’re paid regularly for ongoing work, products or services delivered.

You also make more because you increase the dollar value of each sale and potentially your average client value. So, while they’ll be getting the package at a discount compared to buying everything individually, you’re giving them more value and getting more in return.

What can you bundle into packages? Just about anything you do or sell!

You can:

  • Add products to your services…
  • Add services to your products…
  • Bundle multiple services together…
  • Bundle multiple products together…
  • Bundle multiple hours of coaching, consulting or other services over a period of time – paid up front for a discount or billed monthly to a credit card

A couple of final tips on packages

  • Give each package a unique name that makes the value clear. This name should also set it apart from everything else out there.
  • Bundle related products and services that all help solve the same problem, meet the same need, or achieve the same goal. Don’t put random, unrelated products or services together just to create bulk. Think value. This is a quality, not just a quantity, strategy.

Most of all keep the needs of your ideal client or customer in mind and create packages that are going to clearly benefit them. Before you know it, you’ll be making loads of sales again!

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