Hot Trends for Holiday 2012

Learn what’s hot for the holidays, so that your business can capitalize on the coming trends!

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching (and the leaves have not even changed colors yet!), retailers and consumers alike are gearing up for what we all hope will be a fruitful and joyous time across the USA. Each year, kids and adults alike can't wait to see what innovative and unique products will be purchased for them during the busiest shopping period of the year.

So, what's hot for holiday?

Here is just a sampling of what's on the “gotta have it” list as well as some old standbys that never seem to get old. Review the list and see what you can offer that's fits well into the popular trends or is complementary in some kind of way, so that you can capitalize on the hot trends of the season!

Retro Stuff

Yup, retro always seems to make its way back! From vintage jeans to revived board games, retro products always prove to us that what's old can always be new again – especially when the makers of these products dust the old product off and touch it up with some new colors, features, and a modern twist.   


My wife has enough jewelry to last a lifetime (but don't tell her that!). According to jewelry retailers and consumers, though, old standbys like bracelets and necklaces are selling well and are primed for a upswing during the holiday shopping season. Companies like Pandora, the makers of collectible charm bracelets, have experienced explosive growth over the last few years and companies like this put new life into an otherwise stale product category.


Every year, consumer electronics lead the way at retail during the holidays. A few years ago, flat screen TV's lead the charge. Today, sales are still robust as pricing continues to drop but gaming systems, electronic book readers, and smart phones will surely be in high demand as Americans of all ages can enjoy them!

Indulgence Products

It's been a tough few years for many of us as the economy continues to sag and Americans still feel the effects. So, what can you do to give yourself or someone else a little bit of comfort during these trying times? Indulge them! Items like personal massage chairs, scented lotions and bath products, and even spa treatments are high on many people's wish list. Sounds good to me!

There are always a plethora of amazing product choices that make great gifts. As always, there are certain products that are perennial winners such as golf accessories, pet products, fitness products, and high fashion clothing and accessories. These items are poised to perform well yet again, as most retailers are stocking up and preparing for what we hope will be a positive and lucrative holiday season for all!

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