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Jim DeBetta’s product development and sales experience has amassed millions of dollars within the retail selling world. Known nationally as a trusted coach and mentor to thousands of inventors and entrepreneurs, he knows how to take new ideas from a sketch on a napkin to selling the final product to major retailers worldwide. Jim is a Professional Member of the United Inventors Association, a member of the Georgia Inventor’s Association, Rocky Mountain Inventors Association, and was the former co-host of the Launch Hour – a popular radio program for inventors and entrepreneurs. He is also the author of The Business of Inventing and has written hundreds of articles for industry publications, newspapers, and websites such as Inventor’s Digest, Georgia Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Jim also appears as a guest speaker for leading trade and consumer organizations, speaks at international conferences, and hosts forum and blog discussions on prominent invention and entrepreneurial websites.
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Quick Facts (and reality check) for inventors

Quick facts (and reality checks) for inventors based on my 20ish years helping inventors and working in the industry... It will take twice as much time to see your invention idea dream realized - from...
Product Trends
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The Hottest Consumer Product Trends of 2014

Here we go again...another exciting year of innovative products and some old mainstays that will dominate the retail shopping experience in 2014! As part of my annual preview of what’s likely to be hot for...
Retail Trends
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Top Retail Trends for 2013

As we look ahead to all of the promise of 2013, we must take a moment first to reflect on 2012, which proved to be a very interesting year! While retail continues to slowly crawl...
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Hot Trends for Holiday 2012

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching (and the leaves have not even changed colors yet!), retailers and consumers alike are gearing up for what we all hope will be a fruitful and joyous time...
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Top Retail Trends for 2012

The year 2011 is showing great signs of retail growth due to solid Black Friday sales. Shoppers with pent up demand are now looking to open their checkbooks this holiday season and make up for...
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Why Can’t I Land a Licensing Deal?

I get calls and emails constantly about licensing. People ask me the same thing over and over – can’t I just license my idea/product to a company?     Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy…    I...
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Should You License Your Product?

Should I license my product, or make it and sell it myself? This is one of the most common questions I hear from inventors and entrepreneurs, and the answer is simply NOT simple… First of...