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Are consumers still interested in shopping in retail stores?

Do shoppers still like going into retail stores to buy products?

I was just reading an article in Chain Store Age that asked this very question.  To my surprise, there is still major interest from consumers to shop in retail stores and that spells great potential for any inventor that has a great product that shows well on the shelves.  While we shop more and more on the internet, the physical stores we all know and love are alive and well so keep focusing on offering great packaging for your products and make sure you work with your retail buyers to encourage as much sell through of your products as possible.

The highlights from the article are that “more than three-quarters (76%) of shoppers feel positive about shopping in stores and nearly one-half think that technology solutions are helping retailers enable and improve their shopping experience.  In addition, more than three in 10 shoppers would prefer to go to a retail store to pick up items purchased via online or mobile channels. At the store, consumers are very interested in Wi-Fi and location-based, in-store services such as mobile coupons (51%), shopping maps (45%) and associate assistance (41%).”

What does this mean for retailers or those with retail stores that sell products?  That if you keep up from a technological standpoint and satisfy the customers desire for a multi-faceted shopping experience, you will likely fare very well!

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