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Woman in blue jeans online shopping on her phone
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LISTEN: Omnichannel Shopping is the Future

How are consumers using online to influence offline purchases? Before shopping in store, 58% are researching deals and prices, 51% check product reviews, and 42% check in stock status. And now consumers are not only...
E-Commerce Businesses
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How E-Commerce Businesses Can Boost Brand Marketing

Even in a thriving digital economy, print still plays a big role in brand marketing. For e-commerce businesses that ship goods directly to customers, printed add-ons are a tactful way to dramatically enhance the unboxing experience....
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Taobao: a key to the China market?

Taobao: a key to the China market? This article will focus on the best strategy to enter online shopping market in China, through a Taobao shop. First, we will see why a Taobao shop is...