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Tom Shapiro is CEO and founder of Digital Marketing NOW, which helps clients to maximize their online marketing results. What makes Digital Marketing NOW different is the company's expertise and focus on digital strategy and strategic design. Digital Marketing NOW's services include digital strategy development, website development & design, conversion optimization, SEO, paid search, social media marketing, email marketing & analytics. Follow us on Twitter: @DigitalMN.
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The 10 Hottest Online Marketing Trends in 2014

Is 2014 the year your business will explode with growth? While you’re busy this year building your entrepreneurial empire, make sure you don’t overlook these 10 super hot online marketing trends to help you gain...
Internet Marketing Trends
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13 Hot Internet Marketing Trends in 2013

Internet marketing is now a critical piece of just about any company’s marketing mix. There are few marketing options with the speed, efficiency and reach as internet marketing. And so you should take the time...
facebook advertising
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7 Steps to Crazy Good Facebook Advertising

With advertising, targeting your message to a targeted audience can lead to exceptional campaign results. And that would bring a smile to any marketer’s face.  If you are looking for a highly targeted way to...
Facebook Marketing
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Facebook Marketing: 15 Tips for Crazy Good Marketing

Facebook Marketing 15 Tips for Better Facebook Marketing Everyone, absolutely everyone, seems to be using Facebook now. According to Facebook's own statistics, people spend more than 700 billion minutes monthly on the platform. Wow! Have...
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10 Internet Marketing Trends for 2010

Entering 2010, it is an opportune time to take a step back and identify the major Internet Marketing trends that will affect your business in the coming year. Internet Marketing is continually evolving, and 2010...
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7 Ways to Juice Your Holiday eCommerce Sales

It's the holiday shopping season. If you run an eCommerce website, you need to do everything possible to increase and maximize your sales during this busy shopping period. To that end, here are 7 ways...
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Get Real. Get Real-Time, That Is.

Ready or not, Google is turning real-time. In the past week, Google has started including real-time listings on the first page of its results. The initiative is appropriately called "Real-Time Search." So, instead of just...
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The Price is Right. Or Is It??

Pricing your products and services is both an art and a science. Get it right, and you can secure yourself a profitable future. Get it wrong, and you'll find yourself without orders and going out...
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Using Your Website as an Innovation Platform

Innovate or die. OK, it's not always as severe as that, but sometimes innovation truly changes an entire industry and means wealth for one company and bankruptcy for another. Think about how NetFlix outmaneuvered Blockbuster....
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Endless Ideas for Your Blog

If you maintain a blog for your business, you've probably had days when your mind went blank. When the idea fountain stopped flowing. When your brain hit a brick wall. It's quite natural, actually. If...
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Get Inside Your Customer’s Head

What is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales? Get inside your customer's head. Simple as that. The more you understand about your customers, the more you can solve their challenges, frustrations...
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Are You Ready for the Holidays?

If you are an online retailer or otherwise rely heavily on the holiday season for a good percentage of your sales, guess what? It's time to prepare your website for the holidays. Believe it or...