Maximizing Retail Store Sales This Holiday Season!

For many retail store owners, learning how to convert those window shoppers into buyers can be a daunting task! It’s not just about having great merchandise and a friendly smile. You must be able to generate sales regularly and turn inventory in order to be profitable and successful.  Holiday time is also one of the most lucrative times of the year for most small retailers so putting in an extra effort can pay huge dividends!

Turning browsers into buyers can be challenging, but there are basic rules that can apply to most any retail store owner that wishes to cash in on the foot traffic in their stores:

  • Attractive Signage – letting customers know visually that you are having a sale or are promoting a particular item is a must! Use white signs with colorful and bold lettering. With the small square footage you have, having signs that “fit the space” appropriately will allow your store to remain uncluttered yet get the message across

  • Product Demos – franchises are famous for doing product demos or sampling of new food items and you should look to do the same. If you want to sell a certain item, have it in your hand and approach customers and ask them to try/touch it. This method of interaction is a proven way to covert more of your walk in traffic – and a favorite of mine!

  • Today’s Special – an oldie but a goodie, the Today’s Special creates a sense of urgency and promotes buying. This can be a reduced priced item or a Buy One Get One half price or similar offer. Be sure to have that sign at the front door so customers can see it as soon as they enter your store.

  • Surprise Gift With Purchase – this is another one I love….offering an already wrapped secret gift that customers get when they make a purchase over a certain amount of dollars. Make this gift something universal that all all people can use like a coffee mug. People love surprises and this really peaks interest and helps convert shoppers into buyers.

  • Use Your Lists – During the year, it is always wise to collect email addresses from all of your customers so that you can keep in touch.  During the holidays, emailing your customers special deals, extended store hours, and last minute holiday shopping specials is an easy way to communicate with little or no cost to you.  So, leverage those lists!

    Good luck and be creative! People will notice and buy!

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