How to LOVE what you are doing again!

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If you don’t LOVE your business anymore, take this Valentine’s Day weekend to make some changes!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day… time to think about the people and things you love.

With this in mind, how much do you “love” what you are doing?

If there are certain aspects of your business that you just don’t like, I have a few suggestions for you when it comes to….

1. Administrative Tasks.

If you don’t like organizing, scheduling, accounting, spreadsheets, and other tasks that have nothing to do with your business strengths, by all means, look for someone to help you. The time you spend agonizing over these activities could be time spent on current customers and marketing your services accordingly.

2. Writing Content.

Today, marketing and public relations is all about content. You need content for your Website, social-media, events, news, and other, marketing materials. And if you write bad content, you will be penalized in search rankings by Google, Yahoo! and others.

If you like to write, have an outsider review and critique your skills. It’s one thing to write for fun, it’s another thing to “write copy that sells.” If your skills are not up to par, or you just don’t have time to write all the content necessary to improve the bottom-line, outsource this area to a trained, SEO content strategist.

3. Marketing.

Do you know how to sell your products and services, or are you better at developing new ideas and looking at the big picture? Marketing is a skill that is developed over time, and some people are just better at sales than others.

If you are not quite sure how to bring in new customers and actually “close the deal,” check into sales-training. It’s something all of us need to know how to do… especially if you are a new entrepreneur.

Then, you can always look at hiring a professional sales and marketing-team once the funds are available.

It’s time to love your business again.

Whether you’ve been in business for years or are just starting out, there are times when we all do activities that we just don’t like. This month, take a fresh look at your business and see how you can minimize these “ugly” tasks. Either get training to improve your skills, or find professionals to help you in these areas.

While it may take extra time and money, it’s well worth it. After all, the whole reason you started a business was to pursue something you felt passionate about. Don’t let that passion die!

How are you going to make changes that you love this Valentine’s Day?

Please let me know here or contact me at for more information!

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