Manufacturing Worries

I am now ready to start shopping my designs around to manufacturers.  All of a sudden an evil little voice in my head sounded and began to evoke worries that my ideas may not be safe.  What if someone decides that yes, my ideas are great but decides to make them without involving me??  I know this is a very touchy subject and I do not want to offend anyone.  The reason I am even voicing these worries in an open forum is because I have gotten opposing views on the subject.  Following are some of the comments I have heard.

Pattern Makers, Sample Makers and Sewing Contractors are not in the business of wholesaling or marketing finished goods, so why would they change.

Why not ask the contractors to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before seeing your product?  Well, some say that you risk alienating your collaborators by asking them to sign an NDA.  I suppose they would be offended and wouldn’t want to work with someone so distrusting.

Someone I spoke to who previously worked in manufacturing said I must have manufacturers sign a confidentiality agreement.

With so many arguments on both sides of the fence I figured I would write a post here to see what my fellow entrepreneur’s on SUN thought.  I eagerly aniticipate and would greatly appreciate your comments! 🙂

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