My Public Speaking Class, The Year Ahead and Tip #1.

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Wireless rocks! Right now I am sitting on my front steps, watching my son draw all over the driveway with sidewalk chalk. It’s sunny and 84 degrees. I have my internet radio going as I type this. I can smell the rib-eyes cooking on the grill. Ahh, this is what makes being a homepreneur so great!

This has been an interesting week so far. I signed up for a class on public speaking and my first class was on Monday night. There are six students including me. The interesting thing is that our instructor actually has some sort of speech impediment! She stutters and stammers moderately. I think it’s so wonderful that she not only didn’t let her disability deter her from speaking publicly – but she is actually an expert! I find that comforting because both of my son’s have speech delays. She is such a wonderful example of overcoming life’s challenges.

My husband is still home recuperating from his back surgery. It’s nice to have him around. He’s been really helpful with watching the kids so that I can work more. Today I had two wholesale orders and three retail orders to get out. He’s also just a peach to hang out with. I’m going to miss him when he goes back to work.

Luckily, soon I may have him 24/7. I don’t think I told you all, but we are considering moving south in a year. I will, of course, have to relocate my business. I’m both excited and nervous about it. Here in my state, a residential kitchen is ‘legal’ as long as it is inspected and licensed by the state. (My kitchen that I use for business is new, clean and only used for my products.) Pretty much any other state will require a full commercial kitchen setup… outside of the home. If I’m going to do that, then I figure that I may as well open a company store to help bring in more income to cover said commercial kitchen. Owning a store has been a long-time dream of mine. I can totally see manufacturing my products in the back, and having a sort of old-fashioned general store in the front where I can not only sell Dippy Chick products, but a lot of delicious, home-style food items and unique merchandise. This will be a family business and my husband and I will be working together as partners.

Of course anything could happen in a year. Stay tuned!

Oh, also, I decided that I would give you all a really helpful business tip at the end of each post. Think of it as a reward for reading my often senseless ramblings!

Today’s tip is StumbleUpon. It’s a great way to get people to visit your site. You install the toolbar and when you hit "stumble" you are taken to a random web site that is influenced by what your ‘friends’ enjoy. The network keeps growing and growing. So, stumble upon a few sites – give them a thumbs-up or down – and then go to YOUR site and give it a big honkin’ thumbs up. Check your web stats. Chances are you’ll see some traffic after a bit – especially if you have an interesting site. I don’t recommend using this tactic if you don’t have an interesting or unique site because chances are you’ll get a lot of thumbs-down and disappear from the sites that are distributed.

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