Chris Hansico

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Perspectives and advice on home-based business, featuring Chris Hanisco from The Dippy Chick Company.
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I”m floored!

I really, really wish I had something interesting to report. It’s pretty much business-as-usual around here. It’s definitely busier than normal, hence my lack of posts, but nothing out of the ordinary. (Perhaps I should...
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Come up with a name they’ll remember!

One of the things that sets my business apart from the competition is the name of my business – The Dippy Chick Company. There are a gazillion (well okay… hundreds) of companies out there that...
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Why can’t I get anything done?

I have so much to do today, but the gods of entrepreneurism are not on my side. My car unexpectedly developed a crunchy noise, so I spent most of the morning waiting in a dealership...