The Dippy Chick’s Top Ten Non-Traditional Office Thingies

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Recently I mentioned how much I love my space heater and it got me thinking about other must-haves in for a home-based business. Of course there’s the usual computer, printer, and fax machine – but let’s look beyond that, shall we? This is my top ten list of things that I need to run my business in a happy, productive manner. Yours will probably differ of course.

1. Space heater – Yes, I had to say it again! Here in New Hampshire it would be hard to work in an unheated basement. If I didn’t have my space heater I would be miserable.

2. Dehumidifier – Since I work with herbs, spices, dairy powders and dehydrated vegetables my dehumidifier is super important during the warmer months. Before I had one, my dehydrated vegetables would soften from the moisture in the air to the point where I couldn’t chop them in the blender because they got all rubbery. Not good.

3. Internet radio – This is certainly one of my favorite things! I have a couple hundred stations at my disposal for under $4 a month. It is so worth it, and it makes me feel like I’m not in a basement!

4. TV – I guess this isn’t a must, but it sure helps when I need to work during Project Runway!

5. Wireless speakers – Actually mine is just one speaker. I just love the thing! Sometimes when I’m working on my PC I don’t want music blaring right at me. It’s nice to have the option of moving the music to the other side of the room. This is also great because my assistant can listen to a station that he likes while he’s working and I don’t have to keep the volume up on my PC for him. It’s also great for bringing your internet radio anywhere outside or in the house! We bring it outside to the hot tub when we have friends over. It really adds to the party atmosphere.

6. Rotary paper cutter – I can’t live without this. I use it to cut paper, card stock and my shipping labels. It’s way quicker than scissors.

7. Automatic stapler – This is super important to me because I staple all of my header cards to my plastic bags. I just push the pack in and “ca-chunk” – it’s done!

8. Heat sealer – I heat seal all of my dip mix packs, so an industrial heat sealer is paramount.

9. Dust Buster – Since I work with dry herbs, spices and powders, things can get messy. My little cordless vacuum has been very handy.

10. Storage cabinets – Since herbs and spices lose their color when exposed to light over a period of time, it’s important that my ingredients are kept in a dark, dry place. I have a couple of huge storage cabinets that hold all of my wares.

So, there you have it! These are some non-traditional items that are must-haves for my business and personal comfort while I’m working. I knew you’d find this to be the most amazing, fascinating post you’ve ever read. Am I right?

Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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