Oprah didn’t notice me, but a supermarket chain did!

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Well, I wasn’t on Oprah yesterday. Some of you may have noticed. I noticed because I distinctly remember being with my husband during back surgery yesterday. Although there were a lot of curtains around, they weren’t show-business type curtains, but more of the get-naked-and-put-on-this-johnny type. I did have an audience though! My husband has had to go to this hospital every other week for cortisone shots, so we know the doctor and nurses pretty well. I brought them some dip mixes once and now they’re addicts. They all come into our room-o-curtains and say hi and chat – and get their fix. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we actually went to the doctor and MADE money! I walked out of there with $45 and was able to treat my very sore and woozy husband to a burger at Chili’s.

I am happy to say that one of our Startup Nation members made it onto Oprah! I’m going to live vicariously through her. I just love seeing other people making it big! It’s so inspiring. Congratulations RCToys! I am so happy for you! What an incredible accomplishment.

Aside from my husband’s surgery, this week has been great. I’m getting emails every day from stores wanting to carry my products and people wanting to interview me for radio shows, TV and blogs. It’s just streaming in and I am so thrilled – and busy! One thing in particular was very cool. A buyer for a large supermarket chain here in New England emailed me yesterday and wants to put my products into a couple of stores. I am so utterly flattered because I didn’t solicit them in the least – they found me! I wasn’t sure that my products would go over well in a supermarket, but they know better than I do. I need to get cracking and pay that $750 for a UPC number I applied for and get them on my header cards ASAP.

Also, my dip mixes were featured in an editorial for a magazine that focuses on small stores and boutiques. I’m already getting inquiries, and it just got to their mailboxes today. I’m excited about adding some new accounts to my roster! I’ve been dreaming more and more of owning my own store, so I need to really increase my revenue as much as possible this year so I can make that dream come true!

Have a great weekend!

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