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The Ass Backward Way To Find Your Marketing Message (It Doesn’t Work)

Finding your marketing message   “Niche” as an “artificial” construct is derailing the REAL work we need to do to get clear for our business, to define our message that will DRIVE us to do what MATTERS. “Niching” without a deeper foundation is just busy work. Worse than the busy work of implementing some marketing...
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Marketing your franchise (or small business) to a moving target

My uncle and small business owner, Mark Burris, could be your typical 21st century businessman. Let's take a look at his typical morning (pulled from his "IdeaBlog"): Tuesday, July 31. "It’s 5:50a as I write this, and I’m watching via iTunes last night’s “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” 23 minutes with no advertising, only...
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Using multiple web channels to boost your marketing campaigns

One of the major advantages of the web is that it makes cross promotion simple. This is easy when you use multi-channel marketing. For example, I typically use blogs, RSS feeds, surveys, and videos to communicate with my customers. However, when I want to convey the most important information, I always use email. If you...
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Separating your business from ‘the noise’

I bought a sandwich for lunch at yet another great little cafe in Silicon Valley the other day and happened across this note at the cash register. It was a simple reminder that taking a fresh approach to "business as usual" is a must in today's fast-paced world. You might call it a classic example...
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Oprah didn’t notice me, but a supermarket chain did!

Well, I wasn’t on Oprah yesterday. Some of you may have noticed. I noticed because I distinctly remember being with my husband during back surgery yesterday. Although there were a lot of curtains around, they weren’t show-business type curtains, but more of the get-naked-and-put-on-this-johnny type. I did have an audience though! My husband has had...
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Marketing Strategy for your Small Business: Just Do It !!

So often new startups spend lots of energy on marketing instead of simply doing great business and allowing (with some smart marketing help) the service to speak for itself through happy customers. Here's an example of how this played out in my world recently: I was talking with family members about finding a massage therapist....
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The Axiom of Value

For the past century, traditional advertising was all about grabbing the customer's attention. The flashier the advertisement, the better. Advertisers created flashy billboards and catchy jingles so their product would stay in our memories. But with current technologies like TiVo and DVR, we're less likely to pay attention to a ton of advertisements. How have...