Marketing your franchise (or small business) to a moving target

31 Jul 2007

Jack Burris

Jack Burris is president of Red Beard Marketing, a marketing, business development and brand consulting company based in Charlotte, NC. RBM is a full service firm, and we also happen to have a lot of experience in the franchise vertical and currently work with some of the best and brightest minds in the franchise community including Franconnect, Franchise Business Review, Franchise Payments Network and FranchiseWorks LLC, all small businesses designed to help franchisors, franchisees and interested investors through the franchise process. RBM is always results-oriented.

My uncle and small business owner, Mark Burris, could be your typical 21st century businessman. Let's take a look at his typical morning (pulled from his "IdeaBlog"):

Tuesday, July 31.

"It’s 5:50a as I write this, and I’m watching via iTunes last night’s
“NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” 23 minutes with no advertising,
only programming promotions from NBC and MSNBC.

Last night we tried to fight through Michael Mann’s Miami Vice. (Just couldn’t make it.) Came to us from Netflix. (And going back in the postage paid envelope today.)

I scanned the headlines from the New York Times (online), rifled through the morning’s paper, the Post & Courier, actually on newsprint and collected from the driveway.

So in an ever-evolving digital world, how is growing franchise supposed to reach this potential customer?

Digital media – partnership with iTunes? MSNBC?

Print – Targeted small advertisements, hopefully near headlines of intriguing stories?

Other media – The "tear-off" cover of the Netflix packaging?

Our consumers are becoming more and more reliant on digital media. And finding a way to peak their interests (and convert them to faithful customers) is becoming even harder.

What are you doing to get noticed?

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