The New Age of Quality-Dependent SEO

Quality-Dependent SEO. Why it’s important and what that means in the digital world.

Quality-Dependent SEO: What’s that all about?

Once upon a time SEO was all about keywords. You could stuff your post with the desired keywords you wanted to be found by and hope that it would boost you to the tops of the ranks. As SEO progressed it became important to make those keywords fit better in your posts and for them to make sense. While you still need to use keywords, and you can find great keyword tools online that cane help you gain readers, there is now a lot more to it than just some words.

The Importance Of Quality Pieces

Since the changes in how SEO works, it’s more than just the keywords that are needed to push your articles and blogs to the front of the search engines. You also need quality information that draws your readers in and you need to be able to keep them coming back for more. According to most SEO experts, there are a variety of tactics to use when it comes to optimizing your website or blog.

Start out with a topic that people will be interested in and include keywords that are popular in searches. Follow that up with real advice and tips that people can use, will want to use and that they will want to share with others. The key is to put out something that is quality, well sourced and intelligent so that people will not only want to share it, but they will also want to link it on their own blog posts.

Link To Credible Sources

One trick a lot of bloggers still haven’t figured out is the importance of linking to credible sources in posts, once that have been shared or linked to often. You can build great relationships with other bloggers and websites if you take the time to share them as a credible source, just don’t plagiarize them!

You build a relationship by letting them know that you linked to them in your own great article. You aren’t asking them for anything in return. There is no black hat tactic going on. You just know good content when you read it and want to share it with your own good content.

Tips On Being Spider-Friendly

You want your website or blog to be spider-friendly. That means that you want Google’s spiders to be able to crawl easily through your info to find what they’re looking for. These programs determine whether or not your information is worthy of archiving and of moving up the ranks.

These programs are there to categorize your site so you want them to be able to figure out what you are all about without putting too much work into it. That means clean keywords and posts that make sense. Keyword stuffing is a bad thing no when it comes to SEO and it will drop your rank.

It’s not that difficult to optimize your SEO ranking if you just put intelligent content on your blogs and websites. If you want organic visits and links you need to create something that people are actually interested in.

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