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Healthy, Happy Employees = Improved Productivity

Happy Employees Produce More! As a business owner, if there is one thing you can credit to the success of your business, it’s your great team of employees. Without the help of your staff, getting to where you are today would probably be a lot more challenging. With that being said, ensuring that your employees...
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Continuing Education is the Secret Sauce of Long-term Success

Continue your education: Never stop learning! Continuing education is the secret sauce of long-term success for every endeavor worth undertaking. One of the most useful pieces of information you might have received as a kid was repeated every Saturday morning during cartoon watching time: Knowledge is power. That message certainly stuck with me, and formed...
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Use Analytic Data to Track Startup Success

Why Analytic Data is it Beneficial to Startups One of the most important things that you must understand in order to be a successful startup is how to use analytics to track your success. Analyzing the data can help you enhance the positive aspects and reduce the negative aspects of your business, increasing your bottom...
digital marketing
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Digital Marketing: How to Maximize and Optimize with SEO

The Importance of SEO and Digital Marketing for Startups Learning to maximize the potential of internet commerce is to your benefit, especially as a start-up company. Optimizing your website in a way that will get it noticed by your potential customers is crucial.  PPC management, SEO marketing, Social Media, and email marketing are some of...
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Aftermarket Parts: Challenges and Rewards

Getting Involved In the Aftermarket Parts Industry Prospective small business owners looking for thriving industries to join should know that the aftermarket parts industry is promising. People interested in getting involved with the sale or distribution of aftermarket parts may be able to succeed in the current environment. Research firm Aberdeen Group estimates the sale of spare...
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The New Age of Quality-Dependent SEO

Quality-Dependent SEO: What's that all about? Once upon a time SEO was all about keywords. You could stuff your post with the desired keywords you wanted to be found by and hope that it would boost you to the tops of the ranks. As SEO progressed it became important to make those keywords fit better...
Small Business Sales - Build Your Business Without Relying on Price
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The Biggest Challenges Your Startup Is Going to Face

These Are the 5 Biggest Challenges Your Startup Is Going to Face Before expounding on the biggest challenges your startup is going to face, I’m going to tell you how to overcome them. For every problem you are going to face, what you need is an airtight business plan. It seems as if business plans...
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Your Credit Score: An Important Business Tool

Here Is Why Your Credit Score Is One of the Most Important Business Tools You Have Business owners, here is a pop quiz: What are your top 5 assets? In no particular order, you might have said: Your operating capital Your employees Your hardware, supplies, and property Your loyal customers Your reputation While all of...
International Business
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Ready to go International?

Smart Tips for Doing Business Internationally For many businesses, the only way to grow revenue is to make the decision to expand oversees. You may find that the U.S. market has heavy competition, low profit margins and increasing marketing expenses. You’re spending more money to grow a business with low margins. Doing business internationally presents...
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3 Simple Steps to Get “Unstuck” and Move Past “Overwhelmed”

Get "Unstuck" and Move Past "Overwhelmed" As an ambitious person--either as an entrepreneur or someone working in a startup--it’s probably not unusual for you to feel overwhelmed. All hope my seem lost when you're in a business project above your level of knowledge and skills, when you're in a partnership that collapses, or when you...
Money Management, Startup Capital
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How Your Credit History Affects Raising Startup Capital

Your Credit History Can Affect Raising Startup Capital Financial mistakes can hinder entrepreneurs from fulfilling their vision in the marketplace. Since the financial crisis in 2008, banks have cut back on how much money they have been willing to give small businesses. Fortunately, loans to small and medium-sized businesses have begun to rise again, but...
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Hidden Dangers in the Office

What hidden dangers are in your office? There are those jobs--such as coal mining and working with asbestos--that we all recognize as inherently dangerous. These are high exposure jobs where workers are in constant contact with hazardous materials, and where the slightest mistake could mean the difference between life and death. Most people don’t consider...
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Improving ROI When Hosting an Event

Using technology to improve event ROI Hosting an event can be a huge investment of time and money. Your firm must spend time to market your event to potential attendees and they must put together an agenda and locate speakers. Technology can help you increase your return on this expensive investment. Your goals for the...
help desk
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Switching To A Cloud-Based Help Desk? Here’s What You Need To Know

The Cloud: A must for your help desk Cloud computing has been an instrumental asset for companies in a multitude of industries, but with its evolution, it is perhaps the most useful for businesses catering clients from a customer-service standpoint. If your company provides customer support around the clock, you know it is critical to...
Business Training
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Should A Startup Hire Experienced Or Educated Workers?

Experienced Or Educated Workers: What will work for you? A recent article on NBC News highlighted an emerging trend: the workplace is progressively getting younger. As more millennials enter into the workplace and baby boomers graciously bow out of it, even startups are now joining in the age-old debate about whether or not employers should...
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Going Paperless? Review Your Security and Update Your Business Practices

Going paperless and staying secure Going paperless for your business opens up a world of new opportunities for you. You suddenly find that accessing everything is much easier. Finding files is not the hassle it used to be. You're saving space, time and effort. Better yet, you save a lot of money by going paperless....