Improving ROI When Hosting an Event

Improving your event ROI is important! You spend a lot of money to get people into the event – so let’s keep them there, keep them interested and keep them coming back every year for more!

Using technology to improve event ROI

Hosting an event can be a huge investment of time and money. Your firm must spend time to market your event to potential attendees and they must put together an agenda and locate speakers. Technology can help you increase your return on this expensive investment.

Your goals for the event

To increase ROI, consider your goals for the event. On a basic level, you want a large number of attendees. Once they get there, you want attendees to be interested and engaged. If you’re able to keep each attendee’s interest, they’re more likely to do business with you. Those attendees may also refer your business to others. It’s also likely that they will attend your next event. To attract a large number of interested attendees, consider what they want to get out of your event. The Marketing Profs website explains how to build attendance at events in this article.

Reasons why attendees show up

Put yourself in the attendee’s shoes. Why do they attend your event? Well, they certainly want to get information that will help them become more profitable. Maybe they learn about a service that will lower their costs. The event may teach them about a marketing technique that that will increase sales.

You attendees also want to network with peers in the industry. They want to meet and get to know people who share their business challenges. At some events, this can be difficult. While attendees may exchange business cards, those cards may get lost or misplaced. Follow up can be clumsy.

Using technology to improve the event experience

Smart use of technology can improve the event experience for your attendees. This article explains how technology can simplify the event sign up process. Here are several other innovations that can help your attendees.

Many events offer multiple speakers and meetings at the same time. To maximize their time, an attendee needs an app that will list each of their choices- and any changes to the schedule. DoubleDutch, an event application company, provides a list of app features on their website.

Event apps can also help attendees network and share business information quickly. Attendees can find each other using an event app and start discussions with each other. If the attendee wants to ask a speaker a question, the event app can connect them. Your app may allow attendees to scan information from a name tag, using a bar code.

Monetizing your event app

If your event app is effective, it may generate a lot of traffic with attendees. This makes your app an attractive tool for marketing. Many of these apps allow sponsors to post ads. Your attendees may be the perfect target audience for other people at the event. Finally, event apps can be connected to many social media platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Losing web access can be an issue for your event. You conference may be at a large hotel or convention center. The layout of these facilities may make web access difficult. Fortunately, many event apps can operate offline without web access.

Consider an event app when you plan your next meeting or conference. The app may be a great way to improve the experience for each attendee. A better experience improves your ROI- and keeps attendees coming back.

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