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Pull Don’t Push: Sales & Marketing in the New Economy

Provide tons of value and you create lifelong customers and raving fans who not only buy from you again and again, but refer others as well!

As kids we’re all taught that pushing is rude. Yet for years salespeople have been trained to “push” for the sale…to the point where they’ve become the butt of almost as many negative jokes as lawyers. In this new economy, with people tightening their purse strings and thinking carefully about every purchase, pushy ain’t gonna cut it. Because it says you don’t really have your customer’s best interests in mind. You’re just focused on adding to your own bottom line.

And let’s face it, while everyone likes to buy, nobody likes to be sold—especially something we didn’t really want or need in the first place. So although being a pushy salesperson may make you money in the short-term, it’s likely to leave such a bad taste in people’s mouths they won’t come back to you next time they want to buy.

If you want people to happily buy from you again and again, they have to get to know you, like you and trust that you provide real value. In this new economy, that means being genuine, putting yourself out there, and offering meaty information that helps them solve their problems or achieve their goals.

Keep providing tons of value and you create lifelong customers and raving fans who not only buy from you again and again, but refer others as well—without you ever having to “push” for the sale. What’s not to like about that?!?

5 Low-Cost Ways To Pull Hot Prospects To You in a New Economy

With the above in mind, here are five low-cost ways to ensure a continuous stream of prospects and customers are being “pulled” to you:

Public Speaking

Whether you’re presenting in the flesh, online, or via phone, this is one of the most powerful ways to attract your ideal client or customer. Because speaking positions you as an expert, lets the audience get to know you personally, and gives them a chance to sample your expertise…all at the same time. Good speakers are regularly approached by prospects who see the value in what they do and are ready to buy right then and there.

Audios and Videos

Audios and videos are another easy way to offer valuable info and create a personal connection with prospects, without all the prep and effort of a full-fledged speaking engagement. An inexpensive Flip camera can record, edit and post short videos to major sites with a couple clicks. And lets you record podcasts on your phone and posts them automatically to your blog and websites for free.

Online Forums

Want a killer way to share your expertise AND get a handle on your prospect’s most pressing questions and concerns? Surf social networking sites that your target market frequents and look for a Q&A forum (the one here on StartupNation is a great place to start). Then find questions related to your area of expertise and jump in with helpful answers.

Article Writing

Getting published—whether in print or on the Web—is a fantastic way to reach out and pull prospects to you. Publish info-packed articles in your newsletter or on your website or blog. Then spread your wisdom far and wide by submitting them to online article databases like


In the new economy, you can’t make the mistake of slipping straight into pushy sales mode on your website. Instead, keep pulling prospects in with even more of your wonderful wisdom via useful articles, worksheets, quizzes, etc. And be sure to offer a free report, audio or video download in exchange for their email address so you can stay in touch and keep helping them achieve their goals until they’re ready to buy.

Now, maybe you’re thinking, “If I give away so much for free people won’t need to buy from or hire me!” While that may be true of a few folks, they probably weren’t going to buy anything anyway. Others will be so thrilled with all the powerful information and advice you provide they’ll want more. And they’ll already know, like and trust you so they won’t hesitate to make a purchase.

Just be sure you always include your web address (URL) in everything you do, so people know where to go to learn more. Before you know it, eager clients and customers will be coming to you.

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