Quick Guide to Going Online

Learn the why and how of creating an online presence, expanding upon your current online presence, and the tips and tricks you need to stay ahead of the online business game.

Going online couldn’t be easier!

Did you know that about 40% of the worlds population has an internet connection and is online? Every second eight new people are getting online and taking advantage of everything the internet can offer, whether it’s doing research, shopping online, or using it to find local businesses. In this day and age, it’s crucial to take advantage of the internet and take your business online or expanding your online presence. The sky’s the limit with how many new people, and potential customers, your business can reach by doing this.

Not every business is at the same stage in its growth cycle, so common questions arise: why should I go online? Why make moves to expand my online presence? What are the next steps my business needs to take online? Let’s go over some of the basics involved to answer these questions.

Why Go Online?

So why have an online presence? Aren’t businesses doing just fine without going online? To answer the second question, yes, small businesses can do just fine without having an online presence. That being said, do you want your business to be doing just fine in the competitive small business market? Most business owners would answer no and instead want to succeed in becoming the preferred provider of whatever it is they are selling. Starting an online presence for your business can put you on the right path to achieving this.

Research shows that small businesses operating completely offline are missing out on many opportunities that can greatly impact their sales and marketing efforts. This leads to lost opportunity in generating new sales and obtaining new customers in the present and the future. Creating an online presence will allow for more effective control of your company’s image, availability during more hours of the day, increased company responsiveness, and all the monetary benefits that come with that. With the proper tools, making the transition from offline to online is easy.

You’re Online, Now What?

Fantastic, you made the decision to take your business online and open yourself up to reach a whole new pool of people. Now it’s time to expand your online presence. Chances are that you have already been seeing a return of being online and have gone beyond your historical customer base. New people are already finding out about you and your products and/or services simply through web searches, so why expand?

Expanding your online presence will help you get closer and closer to become the preferred provider and go-to brand in your niche market by ultimately reaching more and more people. With that comes more benefits, such as reducing many of your costs over time and creating the opportunity for your fans to spread your business to others that are like them.

How Does All Of This Get Done?

What do you have to do to get to this point and keep the momentum going to get to the next level in your online ventures? First off, you need create a checklist to make sure you have all the pieces gathered before you take any major strides or spend more money in moving forward. Your online business basics cheat sheet will keep you constantly up to par with what it is you want to achieve and how you get there.

Download your Online Business Basics Cheat Sheet right now and get your handy guide to creating an online presence, expanding upon your current online presence, and the tips and tricks you need to stay ahead of the online business game. Not only that, but you’ll learn to do it the right way. Keep your non-negotiable basics, selling online basics and your next steps at hand 24/7. Remember if you need help along the way, ONTRAPORT is here for you.

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