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Startups + Mentors = Entrepreneurial Success

Celebrating Entrepreneurial Success While Mentoring Others Ever stood in what felt like a huge moment for your business and not known what to do next? Ever been plagued by doubt about whether or not a campaign is going to do well? And followed that up with drowning in a whirlpool of fear and self-loathing about...
twitter marketing
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Email’s Not Dead

Email  Marketing - Dead, dying, done...NOT! Have you heard rumors around the web that email marketing is dying? Don’t believe them! Even though there’s a grain of truth hidden deep in this concern, rest assured that email will remain one of the best ways to keep in touch with your marketing contacts. It’s completely true,...
B2G product marketing
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You CAN Shoot High-Quality Video from Your Smartphone!

How to Shoot High-Quality Video on Your Smartphone Research shows that, of the many types of content you can use to engage with your audience, video may be the most powerful. Compared to massive blocks of text, video is an enticing medium that makes your viewers more likely to respond to your message. Entrepreneurs often...
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How to Woo Ideal Customers (And Employees) With Your LinkedIn Company Page

Find Ideal Customers (And Employees) With LinkedIn If you've been thinking that LinkedIn is just for job seekers, it's time to rethink the value of this professional networking platform. Did you know that the majority of networking done on LinkedIn is not job-related? Companies are using LinkedIn to connect with leads and ideal customers via...
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The Secret to Great Marketing? Segmentation

Segmentation: What it means to your business As the price of marketing continues to trend upward, it's important for entrepreneurs and small businesses to maximize their impact and strategically target desired clients with messaging tailored specifically for that group. It's now harder than ever to get the response rate that promises to return the kind...
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3 Blog Design Tweaks to Increase Engagement

Does your audience find your blog engaging? You know why having great content on your blog is absolutely essential – it gives readers a reason to engage with your brand, sets you up as a thought leader and builds trust with your prospects. But even if you have all the amazing content in the world,...
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Make Your Website Spider-Friendly: SEO Basics for Entrepreneurs

How to Make Your Website Spider-Friendly: SEO Basics for Entrepreneurs Smart entrepreneurs know that SEO is a huge part of every small business marketing plan. Being on the first page of Google's search results is key for acquiring customers online. But with an overwhelming amount of conflicting information on the web about SEO best practices,...
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Don’t Botch Your Product Launch

Is your product launch flawless and ready for you and your customers? No matter how excited you are to announce the release of your new product, always, always remember: It's better to test and delay than to launch and flop. Your customers will forgive you for launching late, but they won't forgive you for a...
social media
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Instagram 101: Posting Like a Pro

Instagram - Not just for kids! If your brand's not already sharing content on Instagram, you probably already know why you need to start: this social network is brimming with intriguing photo and video content, and has attracted over 300 million users so far. But though you may know why you should build an engaged...
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Discover Your Personal Brand Story and Share It With The World

Share Your Personal Brand Story With The World No matter how engaging the public finds your company's brand, they'll find your personal brand even more engaging. People prefer to connect with other people, and if you're not working on your personal brand, you're missing a huge opportunity. Startups shouldn't underestimate how important a personal brand...
Online Marketing Trends, marketing tasks
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How to Get Rid of the Marketing Tasks You Just Can’t Stand

Do you have marketing tasks you cannot stand? Get rid of them!!! Who wouldn’t love to have a robot to pass off all of their least favorite marketing tasks to? You know, the things pretty much no one likes to do – manually sorting and categorizing prospects and customers into segmented lists, poring through spreadsheets...
Email Marketing
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Sending Your Emails: Is there a Better Way?

How Are You Sending Your Emails? These days, new products out there for marketers claim to increase inbox placement by x% or increase traffic by some percentage. More often than not, the methods for achieving these kinds of results are less than honest and involve techniques such as hiding one's identity or re-launching a new...
Business Building Blocks
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Are You Building A Better Business?

Stop Building a Job, Build A Better Business! When most of us decided to take the plunge and start our own businesses, we hoped that the success would bring us the freedom to work on our own schedules, financial abundance, and fulfillment in knowing that we are making a positive difference. Unfortunately, when you look...
Facebook Marketing
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Facebook for Business

How to take advantage of Facebook for your business Are you taking advantage of the enormous reach that Facebook can offer you and your business? It is true that Facebook is a place to share photos and keep in contact with friends and distant family members, but it is also a golden opportunity for your...
Small Business
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Have You Picked Your WordPress Theme Yet?

Your WordPress Theme Makes a Difference! At this point, the WordPress platform is the power and design tool for websites to more than 60 million people and businesses. Currently, it is one of the largest self-hosted blogging tools in the world, with tens of millions of people seeing these websites every day. The core of...
process mapping
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Process Mapping: How to Survive the Shark Tank

Process Mapping Your Business The ability to be a great business and marketing consultant lies in his or her capability to not only tell it like it is, but to truly empower small business owners and entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to improve their business and continuously deliver their highest value to the world....
Web Marketing
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Work From Anywhere in the World – Membership Sites

Membership Sites Can Increase Your Mobility Most business owners are tethered to a static location, and the notion of leaving their business and taking a trip or long vacation just doesn't seem like an option. It's time to turn dreaming of being able to work while on vacation to a reality. That's the magic of...
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The Art of Delegation

Delegation: An important skill for entrepreneurs There is only so much time in a day, and more times than not, it simply isn’t enough time to get everything done that is currently on your plate. For most entrepreneurs. having so much to do is part of a normal day, but there is always the question:...
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Quick Guide to Going Online

Going online couldn't be easier! Did you know that about 40% of the worlds population has an internet connection and is online? Every second eight new people are getting online and taking advantage of everything the internet can offer, whether it's doing research, shopping online, or using it to find local businesses. In this day...
Online Business
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Are You Ready to Sell Online

Ready, set, sell online! Selling your stuff online can be a game changer for you and your business, and a way to reward yourself for all the hard work you have been putting into your business. Whether you are a brick and mortar business looking to begin your online presence or you already have an...