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Have You Picked Your WordPress Theme Yet?

Your WordPress theme should reflect you and/or your company. Get your free guide on How to Pick a WordPress Theme now and get started on creating a website with the perfect theme for you and your business.

Your WordPress Theme Makes a Difference!

At this point, the WordPress platform is the power and design tool for websites to more than 60 million people and businesses. Currently, it is one of the largest self-hosted blogging tools in the world, with tens of millions of people seeing these websites every day. The core of this content management software has been built by community volunteers, which has allowed it to integrate with thousands of plugins and themes available to make the software work for your business. With the tools to create a beautiful website or blog, you are only limited to your own imagination.

With thousands of sites that offer WordPress themes, how do you decide which theme is optimal for you and your business? Some options available have a specific functionality, such as image galleries or portfolios, while others are more basic and focus on writing blog content. The offered themes are either free, premium access, or custom. Free themes are great but are generally basic and are pretty limiting when it comes to customization. Premium themes, on the other hand, provide a great deal of features and make it easy for users to make tweaks to their site without having to hire someone for help. Then there are the custom themes, and they are exactly what they sound like. They are fully customizable and allow for you to have the ability to take your vision and make it into a reality.

So, You’re Ready to Pick a Theme?

One thing to consider before picking the theme right for you is to check out other sites that have a similar target market or purpose and see what is working well for them. Doing this only makes it easier to imagine your vision and pick a theme to suit your needs. In selecting your theme, one of the first things you need to think about is the layout. WordPress was initially created to provide a very simple and intuitive interface for bloggers to get their content up on the web. Try to imagine your content in sidebars and determine if the prospective theme has the right layout for your desired result.

The next step is deciding the functionality you want your site to have. What purpose do you want your site to serve? Are you seeking to create a resource for your target market for specific information? A tool to turn visitors into leads? Or a tool that makes it easy to sell your products or services? Whatever the purpose is, it is important to keep questions such as these in mind when deciding your theme. You don’t want to pick a theme that isn’t aligned with your purpose.

Since WordPress is an open source solution, it’s easy for a web designer or developer to go in and make some minor changes to the theme files. You can use this to turn a theme that is almost perfect for your vision into one that fits your purposes exactly. Having this option, it is important to ask yourself how much additional customization it would require to get your desired result, since it can get expensive very quickly if you choose the wrong theme to work with.

As with all software out there, there are many bits and pieces that need to work together in order to provide the necessary functionality for your site. Because of this, it is extremely important to choose a theme from a provider that offers great support, proper documentation and regular updates. Picking a WordPress theme can get a little tricky, but with the right tools and knowledge, it can be done with ease.

Get your free guide on How to Pick a WordPress Theme now and get started on creating a website with the perfect theme for you and your business. Uncover how to pick the best options available and what to look out for when deciding upon your theme. Let’s do this together. ONTRAPORT is here for you.

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