How to Woo Ideal Customers (And Employees) With Your LinkedIn Company Page

Even if you don’t intend to use LinkedIn primarily for recruiting, the careers tab is still interesting to customers and leads.

Find Ideal Customers (And Employees) With LinkedIn

If you’ve been thinking that LinkedIn is just for job seekers, it’s time to rethink the value of this professional networking platform. Did you know that the majority of networking done on LinkedIn is not job-related? Companies are using LinkedIn to connect with leads and ideal customers via content that showcases their subject-matter expertise. Because of the focus this platform puts on content, LinkedIn has become a significant place for companies to establish themselves as thought leaders.

At the center of all this content is your company page, which should paint a picture of your company and tell your customers, leads and potential employees about your business. If you haven’t considered how to represent your brand on LinkedIn to your ideal customers and leads, you’re missing a big opportunity to tell them what you’re all about. The good news is that LinkedIn’s stripped-down design makes optimizing your presence on the platform simple. Let’s get started.

The Home Tab: Where the Bulk of Your Info Lives

On your LinkedIn company page, the home tab contains the fields you will fill out to give viewers the most accurate information about your business. One field to pay particular attention to is Company Description. The text that you enter into this section is searchable, so be sure to pick keywords that are SEO friendly. In this section, try to focus on describing your business in a concise but interesting way, keeping in mind that this is many readers’ first impression of you. Don’t make it their last!

You have another great optimization opportunity in the Company Specialties field. You can add as many as you want, but be as specific as possible.

Editing the home tab will give you access to several advanced options, such as choosing page admins, sponsored content posters and featured groups.

The Careers Tab: Where You Show Off Your Unique Company Culture

Even if you don’t intend to use LinkedIn primarily for recruiting, the careers tab is still interesting to customers and leads. Having a vibrant presence there shows readers what kind of people work at your company and what your collective personality is like. You can customize your headline and tagline, so get creative with them. Grab viewers’ attention and keep them reading. The About section on the Careers tab should be different from the Company Description you wrote earlier. Focus more on your unique culture and the personality of your organization in this section. Use the featured employees section to show off the great people you have on your team.

Sharing Content via Status Updates

When you think of status updates, you might think of sharing what you had for breakfast with your friends on Facebook. Though they have the same name, status updates on LinkedIn are a different animal entirely. Status updates on LinkedIn are used mainly to share content that is relevant to the professional lives of your audience and to demonstrate your company’s position as an expert in your field. Though it’s best to publish original content on LinkedIn, if you don’t produce enough to share regularly you should at least share content that has been thoughtfully curated from another source. These sources should be publications that your audience would be interested in, and they should always pertain to your company’s specialties.

Now that you know how easy it is to get your company’s LinkedIn page up and running, get more Linkedin optimization strategies to showcase your thought leadership from ONTRAPORT’s free guide, “Optimize LinkedIn for Your Business.” In addition to more opportunities to perfect your company page, you’ll find tips on networking in groups, publishing content and getting the most out of a LinkedIn Premium account.

Download “Optimize LinkedIn for Your Business” now and start attracting your ideal customers and employees.

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