My Experience at the 2009 Masters

We interrupt this franchise blog to talk about something I am extremely passionate about … golf.

If you are a golf fan and were watching the Masters this weekend, what a treat. Tiger and Phil’s charge on Sunday, Kenny Perry’s near miss as the oldest major champion ever and the eventual winner, Angel Cabrera taking the green jacket in a playoff! I was lucky enough to go to the Tournament on Saturday. This year Gary Player announced was his last time playing in the tournament. I found this short YouTube video honoring him and thought I would share – [youtube][/youtube]

My friend and I arrived at the gates at 8:15am, raced through (as calmly as possible) and planted our chairs on the right side of the 18th green, pin high. (Side note: The Masters continues to uphold an incomparable tradition of southern hospitality. Patrons arriving early enough can “reserve” seating by placing a folding chair in at the location of their choice. And other patrons are courteous enough to not occupy a seat that is not theirs. It’s great.) Once our spot was claimed, we spent some time walking the course and getting ready for the first tee time. Watched a few groups go off and decided to follow the 19-year old Rory McIlroy for a few holes. He’s a great player and will most likely be a force on the PGA Tour for years to come.

From there we stopped by one of the snack bars for a famous pimento cheese sandwich and headed over to the Amen corner grand stand to reserve our spot. Temperatures rising to a perfect, cloudless 75 degrees and the crowds thickening, we spent about three hours watching some of the greatest golfers in the world approach the 11th green and tee off on 12. We were lucky enough to see some of the greats like Tiger and Phil Mickelson. We finished the day watching groups come in on the 18th.

What a day. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it.

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