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Christine Haskell

Christine is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft with several years experience in the .com industry.

She recently started social venture labs, an idea incubator for those leading small mission-driven businesses or organizations looking to create relationships, share ideas and get feedback on common business practices. She is new to StartupNation, and looking to profile mission driven companies and discusses related themes.

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You just can’t put those grannies in a box.

Swiss Netgranny is a collective of 15 grannies who knit socks on demand and sell them online. Customers can choose their favourite granny from a gallery of ‘Grosis’, which includes information on why the women knit (‘not for money, just to pass the time’) or about their professional credentials (‘at age 6, I taught my 4 year-old sister to knit’).

Customers pick the color of their socks, or opt for a surprise design. After placing an order, their personal sock-knitting granny will take approximately two weeks to knit the pair of socks, which are sold for USD 33 / EUR 26 a pair, including delivery.

Netgranny was founded by Swiss fashion label Tarzan, who have created a product loaded with storytelling opportunities. While socks are generally a bland clothing commodity, this line of foot apparel lets customers pull up the leg of their trousers and share a great story with their friends or family.


Such a simple idea, why are these small, managable projects not being done here in the US? What an opportunity for ideas for people to do out of their home:

  • custom scrapbooking –> send in a show box of photos, and get back an album)
  • custom quilting –> send the swatches of fabric that has meaning, get back an heirloom crazy quilt)
  • send a photo of a favorite vacation –> get a small postcard size piece of custom art by an artist looking to establish a portfolio

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