Keep Your Business Sizzling This Summer

Hi everyone, I am the other face you see in the picture on the far left. My name is Sarah Benner and I am a Senior Marketing Manager at VerticalResponse. I’m going to be contributing to this blog along with Jenna Jantsch.

Summer is here, believe it or not! The sun is shining (in most places anyway) and the iced tea and lemonade are flowing. While it can be a very busy time if you’re selling ice cream or pool cleaning services, it can be a slow season for many businesses. During the summer months, a lot of people go away on vacation or simply take time off to relax.

Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean your business has to suffer. Get creative and try at least one new thing this summer, if not more. Below are some ideas for summer marketing you can use to heat up your business this season!

Fun Summer Marketing Ideas for Your Business:

  • Promote summer offers such as 4th of July, School’s Out Special, Summer Sale, Back to School Sale or Labor Day specials.
  • Develop summer discount campaigns. Consider reducing prices or offering package/bundle deals to generate a higher volume of sales activity.
  • Launch a December holiday program in July and encourage customers to start their holiday shopping.
  • Get the word out on your summer specials through Social Media. Post hosted versions of your summer email campaigns on Twitter or your Facebook business page.
  • Break through to more people with direct mail postcards. There are a lot of sun and fun distractions this time of year that may keep people from reading all their email. Get the attention of the 70-80% of people who may not open your email by sending a postcard with your summer specials.
  • Start a loyalty program. Reward your customers for repeat business and encourage them to come back.

What summer ideas have worked for your business? We want to hear them so share your ideas below!

Sarah Benner, Senior Marketing Manager, VerticalResponse

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