Monday Morning Mojo: Create Power and Peace-of-Mind – Clean up Lapses in Integrity

Much of the anxiety and stress that is a normal part of the human existence comes from inevitable lapses in integrity. By “integrity”, I’m not talking about something wrong, unethical or immoral. I’m simply talking about things like missed commitments, unresolved conflicts, or even unpaid bills or a messy desk. These lapses create anxiety and stress that will hamstring our effectiveness and power.

Over the last month, I have actively completed the areas in my life that were out of integrity and have found a high level of peace-of-mind and power that I have never experienced before. Anxiety and worry have all but disappeared. I am lighter, quicker on my feet and my performance is off the charts.

Life and business simply works better when everything is in integrity and you will be happier!

“Be true to your work, your word, and your friend.” Henry David Thoreau

Give the three steps below a try and let us all know what you experience:


Before you begin this exercise, remember that being out of integrity is not bad, good, immoral, unethical. You’ve done nothing wrong. Humans will always have lapses. This is an ongoing process. Examples of being out of integrity include: not meeting a commitment, leaving a truth unexpressed, ignoring an issue with a partner, gossip, not returning a phone call, unpaid bills, a messy desk, or an unpaid traffic ticket. Of course, lapses in integrity in your business are extremely detrimental to your success.


At first, this will seem like a daunting task, particularly if you’re making a phone call to a business colleague about not meeting a commitment. But, once you get that there’s nothing wrong or bad going on and you simply own it and correct it, you’ll be enlivened and empowered. The basic formula is:

  1. Express your commitment to maintaining a great relationship.
  2. Identify the lapse and commit to correcting it.
  3. Correct it.
  4. Commit to keeping it from happening again.

If you’re cleaning up your desk, there will be no need to speak to anyone, of course. Once you’ve cleaned your desk, paid your unpaid bills, etc., put in place procedures to keep it from happening again.

As you clean it up, you’ll find a dramatic increase in power and peace-of-mind!


This will happen automatically as you clean up your lapses. You will not want it any other way. You will always be out of integrity in some area of your life. We all live in a cycle of being in and out of integrity. When you make a commitment, honor it. Schedule it. Call on the minute. Deliver on the hour. Express your truth (previous blog). Don’t leave things unsaid. If there’s an “elephant in the room”, name it. Keep impeccable records. Pay your bills. Get your invoices paid.

Make this week a powerful one by committing to maximum integrity, everyone!

With love,


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