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Mike is Co-Founder and Success Psychology Coach at StartupNation. After spending the first 14 years of his working life in corporate America he “jumped ship” in May 1998, began his entrepreneurial life and hasn’t looked back. Included his various entrepreneurial endeavors is a public speaking business in which he taught adults how to successfully trade stock options, specializing in building success psychology. Understanding, revealing and instilling the “secrets” of success in not only business but, life in general, has become Mike’s life passion. He believes that success is not achieved simply by what we do. To maximize our chances of success, we must also fine-tune our thinking and who we are being. Look for Mike in the community as he explores the human side of starting a business.
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Negotiate Your Heart Out, Baby!

Powerful negotiating can be the difference between the success or failure of your business.  Business owners often bristle when they even consider the word “negotiate”.  You may even be bristling now. However, you actually negotiate virtually every day of your life… and you’re likely quite good at it.  Whether it is getting another to follow...
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7 Ways to Make Happiness Happen

Apart from the obvious benefits to our life experience that being happy brings, happiness and feeling good are essential to our ability to attract things, events, people and circumstances into our lives.  As discussed in my last article, “Harnessing the Law of Attraction in 5 Easy Steps”, generating the feeling of what we want and...
Law of Attraction
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Harnessing the Law of Attraction in 5 Easy Steps

In the early 1900’s Andrew Carnegie, founder of US Steel and the world’s wealthiest man at the time, commissioned Napoleon Hill to study the successful people of their time and discover traits common to them and instrumental in their successes.  The results of Napoleon’s 20 year study culminated in the renowned book “Think and Grow...
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Lights, Camera, ACTION!

[803 words | 2.5 minute read] The lights are on.  The cameras are rolling and the new and improved StartupNation is in action delivering on its mission to make a profound and lasting difference for entrepreneurial America.  What’s new and improved and how are we going to make such an impact for people, you may...
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Monday Morning Mojo: 4 Steps to Achieving Your Goals Every Time

The dreaming phase of starting a business is very exciting and uplifting. The world of new possibilities is always that way. Actually taking your dream of owning your own successful business and making it a reality takes a lot of effort and is where too many fall short. Planning your business and breaking down your...
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Monday Morning Mojo: 5 Steps to Raise the Roof on Your Energy Levels

Scientists long ago proved that all matter consists of atoms. If you were to represent the nucleus of an atom as a golf ball, to scale, the electrons that encircle the nucleus would be 1 kilometer away! That makes atoms mostly space and, therefore, so is everything in our physical world. Even the densest of...
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Monday Morning Mojo: Create Power and Peace-of-Mind – Clean up Lapses in Integrity

Much of the anxiety and stress that is a normal part of the human existence comes from inevitable lapses in integrity. By “integrity”, I’m not talking about something wrong, unethical or immoral. I’m simply talking about things like missed commitments, unresolved conflicts, or even unpaid bills or a messy desk. These lapses create anxiety and...
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Monday Morning Mojo: Make Decisions Like the Pros

I think that you’d agree, that your success in business depends upon your ability to make clear, sound decisions. But, have you ever felt confused, conflicted and/or emotional about a decision you had to make? If you’re breathing, the answer is likely an irrefutable “YES”. If the answer is “no”, you’re probably not playing a...
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Monday Morning Mojo: Choose the Reponse that Love Sponsors

Our personal and business lives are filled with conflict. The typical response to any conflict is to resist and “be right”. The truth is that a “be right” response rarely results in a positive outcome. In actuality, we have the ability to respond in any way we choose. I’ve attended numerous retreats with Neale Walsch,...
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Monday Morning Mojo: Tell the Truth! Set Yourself Free!

We’ve all heard the adage, “The truth shall set you free.” The actual quote from the bible is “The truth shall MAKE you free.”  I always thought the quote was a nice idea, but after really embracing the idea, I found that a commitment to truth actually did set me free. Now, I’m not necessarily...
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Monday Morning Mojo: The Power of Compassionate Listening

At the end of the day, our success in business and the overall quality of our lives starts and stops with how we relate to people. How we interact with others and who we’re being when we interact with them directly affects our life experience as well as our outcomes. Communication that leaves others feeling...
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Monday Morning Mojo: When You Feel F.E.A.R., Do It Anyway!

OK, let’s be real. We all get afraid sometimes. We are born with three basic fears: sudden motion, sudden approach, and loud noises. These are the same innate survival fears that keep our primate ancestors from becoming panther food. Our minds are inherently tuned to be on the lookout for attack. This would be a...
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Monday Morning Mojo: Have an Energized and Powerful Day Every Day

One of the biggest benefits of being an entrepreneur in my mind is freedom. Our time is our own. We determine when we “work” and when we don’t, what we do and what we don’t do. All of us have high energy days in which we feel motivated and driven and days in which we...
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Monday Morning Mojo: Taming the Monkey Mind

The human mind is a miracle, to be sure. It has accomplished many incredible things such as putting men on the moon and splitting the atom. Yet, this same mind is also responsible for thoughts that create the anxiety and fear that rob so many of the power and the ability to create lives filled...
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Monday Morning Mojo: Your Thoughts are POWERFUL!

We’ve all heard the saying, “The energy was so thick in that room, I could cut it with a knife.” That energy is felt without words being expressed or eye contact being made. There’s nothing going on but the same bad feeling being felt by all the people in the room. The question is how...
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Monday Morning Mojo: Realizing Your Human Magnificence

A group of kindergarteners were asked, “Who can dance?” The children happily danced. They were next asked, “Who can sing ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’?” The children laughed, sang and danced. Their magnificent human spirits were fully expressed. The same questions were asked of a room of adults. “Who can dance?” No one danced. They...