7 Ways to Make Happiness Happen

Apart from the obvious benefits to our life experience that being happy brings, happiness and feeling good are essential to our ability to attract things, events, people and circumstances into our lives.  As discussed in my last article, “Harnessing the Law of Attraction in 5 Easy Steps”, generating the feeling of what we want and being grateful, happy and excited is the key component to harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction.

We’ve all had the experience of being “in the zone” when we’re feeling good, happy and life is firing on all cylinders.  Have you ever noticed that when you’re “in the zone” that more good things come at you creating more happiness?  That’s the Law of Attraction at work.  The opposite, of course, is also true.  When it rains, it pours!  Like attracts like.

Bottom line:  You must feel good and if you’re not, find a way.

Some Perspective

According to the Population Reference Bureau, since 8000 BC, approximately 107 billion human beings have experienced life on this planet.  There are currently over 7 billion people on the planet and, of course, there will be billions more.  That’s a lot of people!

Therefore, from the context of human existence, our individual lives are probably not as significant as may we think they are.  Our personal concerns (worries, anxieties, fears) will mean nothing to us in 100 years, virtually nothing to the 7 billion people currently living (minus those in our immediate lives) and will not mean a thing to the billions of people that will come after us.  Raise the context to the perspective of the universe, with its billions of galaxies containing billions of stars, the concerns of our planet and its inhabitants are completely inconsequential.

That’s some pretty harsh reality, but the point is most of us spend far too much time worrying about stuff that in the overall scheme of things doesn’t really matter.  Creating significance where there really isn’t any. Spending our precious lives struggling with matters that won’t mean anything to anybody in 100 years is a waste of time.   To quote Sweet Brown, who’s TV interview is the talk of YouTube, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  Literally!

So, let’s all lighten up and be happy!

7 Ways to Turn up Your Happiness Dial

1)   Build a “Bliss List”

Take an hour, relax, get peaceful, reflect, and write down all the things that bring you bliss (happiness).

For example, a few of the things on my “bliss list” are:  watching a sunrise or sunset, holding a baby, laying on a warm, white sand beach in the hot sun with crystal blue water lapping the shores while drinking an ice cold beer, traveling to new places, a walk in the woods, watching NFL football and eating super-spicy chicken wings, watching a great movie with a big box of hot popcorn and a cold coke, cuddling, helping, hugging and loving people, breeding exotic Arabian horses, playing sports, yoga, working out, water skiing, dinner with friends, driving fast sports cars, being with my family, …

Get vivid in your description.  Generate your bliss with your words.  Also, consider creating a vision board with vivid imagery.  Make sure that your words and pictures generate happiness, excitement and gratitude.

Look at your bliss list every day (morning, day, and night).

2)   Pursue Your Bliss

Now that you you’re clear what things brings you bliss, pursue them.  Make them happen.

Schedule one thing a day that brings you bliss.  Put it in your calendar and honor the appointment.  Each day you will be happily living into a future of blissful experiences.

3)   When You Feel Bad, Make a Move

If you’re feeling unhappy, bad or sad, do something that makes you happy.  Do one of the things on your bliss list, even if it’s small.  Move yourself towards happiness.  Treat yourself.  Repeat as necessary.

4)   Think About What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want

It’s so easy to get mired down in negative thinking.  Worrying about what won’t, can’t or might not happen creates anxiety, sadness and actually generates more of what you’re worrying about.

When you find yourself thinking about what you don’t want… STOP… replace the thought with what you DO want.

5)   Get Physical

Moving your body around does amazing things to your energy levels and how you feel.  Energize yourself each day with a brisk morning walk, a run with your dog, a yoga class, anything that gets you moving around.  Even small amounts of exercise make a big difference.  More is better.

6)   Laugh

Laugh freely and often.  Generate it.  Be on the look out for it.  Watch funny movies.  Read funny books.  Hang out with funny people.

Laughing even when something isn’t funny actually releases endorphins into your bloodstream leaving you feeling happy.  Try generating 15 seconds of gut-busting laughter even when there is nothing funny going on.  This is best done with a friend or several friends.  You’ll feel energized and happy afterwards.

7)   Be Compassionate and Loving

In “The Art of Happiness”, the Dalai Lama says, “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”  Each day, commit to as least one compassionate act.  Ask someone behind a counter how they’re REALLY doing, buy someone a cup of coffee, hug one person a day, tell someone how much you appreciate them, tell someone you love them.  You’ll find that your “feel good” quotient will rise with each loving and compassionate interaction.

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