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Lights, Camera, ACTION!

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The lights are on.  The cameras are rolling and the new and improved StartupNation is in action delivering on its mission to make a profound and lasting difference for entrepreneurial America.  What’s new and improved and how are we going to make such an impact for people, you may ask?

The answer to those questions lies in what separates the successful from the unsuccessful: action. Those who are crushing it in business and in life are all masters of action.  Of course, concise, impactful information is necessary too, but information with no action = no results.  We are clear at StartupNation that lack of action is at the heart of why far too many businesses do not succeed and why so many simply dream and do not do.

Rooted in a foundation of powerful, concise and relevant content and tools, StartupNation has created the first-ever entrepreneurial culture of action on the internet.   People dreaming of starting a business are now actually starting them.  Small businesses that are stuck and not moving are now moving again.  Entrepreneurial America, the life-blood of our economy is flourishing.  More people are living lives they love.

StartupNation is THE place come if you really and truly want to fulfill your dreams of starting or growing a business.

One of the new tools instrumental at the heart of the StartupNation culture of action is our Take Action NOW! system.  This powerful coaching platform is built on a foundation of action taking.  Take Action NOW! coaches are all successful entrepreneurs who want to make a real difference for people… for YOU!  Our coaches help you establish a clear vision of what’s important to you and what you really want to accomplish, providing you structure for action taking, accountability and support to ensure that you are always in action and moving towards the fulfillment of your dreams.  We are beyond excited about this cutting-edge system and are looking forward to seeing the impact that it will have on our community of aspiring entrepreneurs.

So, I encourage you to immerse yourself in our culture of ACTION!  Jump into the content.  Consider becoming a premium member.  Take a look at our Take Action NOW! system.  Take actions you have never taken before.  Get moving towards the business of your dreams… the LIFE of your dreams.

Here are some things to try this week to plant yourself firmly in our culture of action.

Stoke the Fires of Your Vision

Get really clear on what you want… your vision of the business of your dreams perhaps.  Keep that vision present every day.  Write it down.  Create a vision board.  Look at it.  Feel it.  Breathe it.  Wake up to it.  Go to sleep with it.  Make it real in your mind, body and soul.  Stoking the fires of your vision will create a context that will leave you lit up and excited about taking action.

Determine What Actions You Will Take

With your vision firmly planted in your mind, body and soul, the next step is to figure out what actions to take.  Now, don’t worry too much about figuring out the best actions to take.  More important is that you take action… ANY action.  Do your research, your due diligence, but don’t wait until you figure out the perfect actions to take.  It’s far more important to get in action.  Be free with it.  Swing away!

Schedule Your Actions

Once you’ve determined what actions you will take, the next step is to schedule them.  Place them in your calendar with a time that you will do them.  Build a plan and stick to it.  The simple act of scheduling your actions will create a level of reality for your vision that will generate energy, drive and motivation, taking you one step closer to realizing your vision.

Take Action! – Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

All of us amazing human beings will have days when we don’t feel motivated.  We get tired, fed up, confronted, fearful, lazy, angry, hurt, etc.  I’ll call all of this our internal state.  Letting your internal state run the show will stop you dead in your tracks along the road to realizing your vision.  Take the actions you said you would take, the ones you’ve scheduled even when your internal state tells you not to.

Get a Coach or Mentor

It is no secret that those who have enjoyed the most success in life all have a coach or mentor.  Find someone who has what you want, knows what you want to know and has achieved what you want to achieve.  Not only will they show you the way but, more importantly will be there to help keep you in the world of taking action… even when you don’t feel like it.

Have an action packed week, everyone!

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