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Monday Morning Mojo: Make Decisions Like the Pros

Mike Wade

Mike is Co-Founder and Success Psychology Coach at StartupNation.After spending the first 14 years of his working life in corporate America he “jumped ship” in May 1998, began his entrepreneurial life and hasn’t looked back.

Included his various entrepreneurial endeavors is a public speaking business in which he taught adults how to successfully trade stock options, specializing in building success psychology.Understanding, revealing and instilling the “secrets” of success in not only business but, life in general, has become Mike’s life passion. He believes that success is not achieved simply by what we do. To maximize our chances of success, we must also fine-tune our thinking and who we are being. Look for Mike in the community as he explores the human side of starting a business.

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I think that you’d agree, that your success in business depends upon your ability to make clear, sound decisions. But, have you ever felt confused, conflicted and/or emotional about a decision you had to make? If you’re breathing, the answer is likely an irrefutable “YES”. If the answer is “no”, you’re probably not playing a big enough game.

We are blessed with powerful, creative minds capable of putting a man on the moon. Yet these busy minds also construct judgments, make assumptions and produce F.E.A.R. when there’s nothing to be afraid of. We are emotional beings (thank God) capable of great compassion and love. However, we also experience anger and jealousy. All of these things produce an amazingly rich life experience. However, they will also cloud your decision-making.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” ~ Tony Robins

Try out the following steps this week to part the clouds of indecision and make great decisions like the pros:

Set Aside Your Assumptions and Judgments

It’s common for people to see the world through a haze of assumptions. These assumptions cloud our perception of what’s actually real. For example, you may think that a business prospect has not returned your phone call because they are not interested when, in fact, they simply have not returned a call. You don’t know it’s because they’re not interested. Perhaps they forgot or are too busy at the moment. Don’t assume.

Relate To What You Know to Be Real

With your assumptions identified and set aside, you will be able to make sound decisions based on what’s left… what’s ACTUALLY real. One simple way to identify what is actually real is to imagine that you are making a decision based on the facts presented in a video or an audio recording. Add nothing. Take nothing away. Keep it clean and simple. Keep it real.

Break Through Your F.E.A.R.s

Remember that the majority of our F.E.A.R.s are “False Evidence Appearing Real”. They are generally made up in our heads. One common one is that we are not good enough or that we may fail. Successful people have fears too. They are successful because they break through their fears. Follow their lead. Don’t beat yourself up because you feel fear. You’re normal!

Follow Your Heart

We’ve all heard the saying “Follow your heart. It knows the way.” This is a great mantra to guide you through the many decisions we must make on a daily basis. Consider your feelings as a guidance system. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it and vice versa. Move towards what feels good to you.

Have a week full of powerful decision-making, everyone!


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