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11 Steps to Improve Your Strategic Decision Making

Success stems from an accumulation of wise choices. But consistently making good decisions and sound judgments in a frenetic world is challenging. These 11 entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles share their steps to improve your decision making today. 1. Simplify the battlefield Mark Divine, retired U.S. Navy SEAL commander, founder of SEALFIT, Unbeatable Mind and The Courage Foundation; NYT and...
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Lessons From Amazon to Apply to an On-Demand Economy Business

About two years ago, I made the decision to move from the CEO of a $100 million plus public company to work full-time for a new company I founded and funded that had revenue of less than $1 million per year. You can imagine the number of heads left scratching over that one. Well, StartupNation...
Social intelligence
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How Social Intelligence is Working for Small Businesses

Interpersonal relationships are hard. We’re all trying to figure out how to get along, and we’re going to screw up. Nevertheless, some people are much, much better at it than others. What’s their secret? The answer, if there is one, is the quest in the burgeoning field of social intelligence. Researchers are looking at the...
Status Quo Bias
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Status Quo Bias: The Dangers of Letting It Run Your Business

Whatever your current state of affairs are, they serve as a reference point — a gauge to measure the past and future. How else would we make sense of time? Our brains draw comparisons and use generalized categories to create a narrative about life: better versus worse, more versus less. We become accustomed to a...
retail stores
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How does product packaging influence consumer behavior?

Good or bad - product packaging can influence consumer behavior! Product packaging is considered as the ultimate opportunity for marketers to communicate the brand’s message visually, positioning the same as a better choice than any of its competitor. In the modern world, consumers are being presented with ever increasing number of alternatives. As such, the...
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Monday Morning Mojo: Make Decisions Like the Pros

I think that you’d agree, that your success in business depends upon your ability to make clear, sound decisions. But, have you ever felt confused, conflicted and/or emotional about a decision you had to make? If you’re breathing, the answer is likely an irrefutable “YES”. If the answer is “no”, you’re probably not playing a...
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Are you ready for an electrifying change?

Recently someone asked me about the transition from every day mom to mompreneur.  Did I like my "new life?"  Was it different than before? Better? Or worse?  Was I pleased with my decision? Do I like my new life? Heck ya! The real question is: When is it right to make big changes to your...
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Be bold, not stupid

Continuing on the theme of hallmarks of true entrepreneurs, boldness is certainly one among them. But there's "smart boldness," and there's just plain "stupid." An example of smart? Take Tina Norris, creator of Foot Petals, a company that sells patented shoe pad inserts for women's dress shoes. They're basically a super premium, improved version of...