Are you ready for an electrifying change?

Recently someone asked me about the transition from every day mom to mompreneur.  Did I like my “new life?”  Was it different than before? Better? Or worse?  Was I pleased with my decision?

Do I like my new life? Heck ya!

The real question is: When is it right to make big changes to your life? To jump from mommahood to mompreneur? To leap from a 9-5 job to pursue an entrepreneurial dream? To add extra hours of work to your day while staying in your current job to build a small business at the same time?

Transitions and changes can be difficult for anyone and everyone ….. I especially know this from my early training as a clinical social worker.  The reason for this is that transition is both terrifying and exciting.  So, what makes the change worth it?  What makes it much easier to move from point A to point B and remain optimistic?  How does one know they are truly ready for a change?

The first answer is Readiness.  Are you REALLY ready to make a change? Readiness, preparedness, and acceptance of the decision to change make all the difference.  Some questions to ask yourself in relation to your Readiness are:

  • Did you fully think out your decision?
  • Have you laid out a course of action?
  • Do you have a short term and long range plan?

Right up there with being ready, is Ownership of your choice.  Even if you were let go from a position and decided to build something of your own, that needs to be your choice (rather than seeking new full-time employment).  When evaluating Ownership, think about the following:

  • Who’s choice is it for you to break out on your own and pursue a business of your own?
  • Are you prepared to sink a HUGE amount of your energy into your new endeavor?
  • Have you allowed for “hiccups?”  AND, can you forgive yourself for small mistakes?
  • Do you feel in control of your choices?

Lastly, Do you feel a sense of Accomplishment in the project, business, or responsibilities that you currently hold?  Can you close the door with Pride?  When thinking about your current life, ponder these points?

  • When you reflect back, do you believe that you will be proud?
  • Have you achieved what you set out to do in this chapter?
  • Did you tie up loose ends?

All of us have a myriad of experiences behind us that led us to want something of our own.  For me, I “did” the retail thing, worked in a clinical counseling setting, escaped a bad start-up, and I AM a mom.  I look back on all these details with a smile and know what I gained at each step of the way, and I truly was READY for the next stage of my life.  Although, I cannot slam the door shut on being a mom, I know that I successfully finished one stage of parenting and it was TIME.  Time to tackle mommahood and my own thing at the same time….a brand new chapter.

While it is a major balancing act and sometimes I feel like I may need to clone myself, Do I like my new life?  Heck ya!

Are you ready for an electrifying change — to start something of your own?  It is really awesome!

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