Monday Morning Mojo: Gain A Huge Edge, Be On Time All The Time

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Success in business and in life is all about getting and edge. One of the easiest edges we can get is to simply do what we say would do and when we said we would do it. It’s so easy to slide out of our commitments and to show up a few minutes late or call 5 minutes after we said we would. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong, immoral or wrong about being late, however, being impeccable with your commitments sends a powerful message.

I speak from experience here. As a young sales rep, I got into the habit of doing one extra thing before getting in my car to visit a client. Being slightly late for my appointments became “normal” for me and my clients. Although I managed to repair my tardiness and secure my deals, I am clear that it sent a message to my clients that put me in a hole.

I have since made a choice to be on time, to show up when I said I would I and to call on the minute I said I would… literally calling on the minute. If you think about it, we all will do whatever it takes to make a flight, however, most of us will push the envelope of being on time for appointments. The message we send by being impeccable with our word is priceless.  It builds trust and strong relationships.

Being on time is within your hands.

“Promises may fit the friends, but non-performance will turn them into enemies.”

~Benjamin Franklin

Give it a shot! For this week:


It’s important to remember that if we set an appointment, the receiving party will be waiting for us. Being 5 or 10 minutes late sends the message that there are other things more important than them and, more importantly, it wastes their time. Showing up 5 minutes early sends the message that they’re the MOST important person to you… a nice edge, indeed.


Set an alarm. Prepare before your call. Be present. There’s something very powerful about receiving a call at exactly the agreed upon time. It’s really very easy to do. Remember that you will do whatever it takes to make a flight. Do the same with your phone commitments.


Of course, circumstances will arise that will make you late. No problem. Nothing is wrong. Simply acknowledge that you’re late (you both know your are anyway) and move on. Easy… and POWERFUL.

Have an impeccable week, everyone!

With love,


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