Monday Morning Mojo: Realizing Your Human Magnificence

A group of kindergarteners were asked, “Who can dance?” The children happily danced. They were next asked, “Who can sing ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’?” The children laughed, sang and danced. Their magnificent human spirits were fully expressed.

The same questions were asked of a room of adults. “Who can dance?” No one danced. They were asked, “Who can sing ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’?” There was silence. Their magnificent human spirits were fully suppressed.

I’ve asked these questions of numerous adult audiences and, with few exceptions, have gotten the same reaction as above. Most adults are afraid to dance and sing. Children, on the other hand, can’t contain themselves, nor do they try to.

So, what happened to our magnificent, wild human spirits? What happened to our unquenchable thirst for all that life is and all that it has to offer?

And, more importantly, how did we get here and how do we get back?

These are important questions with answers that we will uncover over future blogs, but I know for sure that our wild human spirits and unquenchable thirst for life never left us. Some of us can’t feel or be our true magnificence because it is buried beneath years of conditioning. The truth is we are and always will be boundless human magnificence living in a magical world of endless possibilities. That’s who we are. Many of us have simply forgotten.

I’ve been teaching and motivating adults for many years and I’ve seen far too many hit the brick wall of limited thinking and limiting belief systems.  They are out of touch with their magnificence.  I’ve also noticed that those who do succeed have very positive, enthusiastic, even childlike demeanors.  They are in touch with their magnificence.

I’d like to show you my favorite inspirational video. It shows a human being, Paul Potts, gripped in the fear of “not being good enough” and then EXPLODING into his greatness.  Before our eyes we see him regain his connection with his magnificence – a most beautiful transformation.


Paul Potts went on to win 1,000,000 British pounds on “Britain’s Got Talent” and is now a successful opera singer living the life of his dreams. Imagine if he had succumbed to the diminished, limited, constrained (and false) sense of self he had developed over his life. He’d still be living a life he didn’t love, dreaming of a future that would never come.  Imagine what will happen (or not happen) in your life if you stay fixed in a limited version of your true self.

I, and the rest of the StartupNation team sincerely and with all our hearts want you to lead full, enriched, fulfilled and happy lives as SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs.  The first step towards getting there is to reconnect with your magnificence.

For this week, I invite you to try a few simple things that will help you reconnect with your magnificent, unbounded human spirit. Here are 4 simple steps to begin this awakening:

1) See the world through a child’s eyes.

Watch young children engage in all that is around them with wonder, enthusiasm, and love. Keep in mind that you were once that fully expressed and still possess the same spirit within you. See yourself in them.

2) Remember your grandest moments.

Write down 3 life experiences in which you were a fully expressed, boundless, expansive human being. Note how you felt, what you were doing, what you were thinking. Remember how amazing you are.

3) Create a gratitude list.

End each day by writing down 3 things that you find amazing about life on this planet, YOUR life on this planet. For example, the shape and color of an orchid, the birth of a child, the taste of an apple, a bird taking flight, your loving friends and family, etc. Be present. Be aware of the magic around you.

4) Start the day on a positive note.

Get up on the first ring of your alarm clock. Immediately feed your mind with positive content. Read your growing gratitude list and add to it. Read your favorite inspirational book or listen to your favorite motivational audios. Turn off negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts throughout the day.

These simple steps will at the very least bring a heightened level of awareness about the miracle of your life and of life itself. You will experience more gratitude, feel more powerful, and be more loving. Loving who you are, knowing who you are, and being where you are is a great place to start the rest of your boundless, exciting life – a life full of huge possibilities!

“There are two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”   Albert Einstein

Have a magnificent week, everyone!

With love,


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