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How to Identify Your Core Values and Align Them with Your Business Model

As an entrepreneur, it’s crucial that your business model and your personal core values are aligned in order to achieve long-term success. The truth about entrepreneurship is that each of us gets to create our business in a way that works best for us, yet many entrepreneurs leave lousy workplace conditions only to replace them...
side hustle
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How to Channel Your Skills and Find Your Best Side Hustle

Are you ready to test the waters of entrepreneurship? Start with a side hustle. Having a side hustle gives you security, reassurance, diversity of income, and most importantly, it gives you the possibility for something more than just the mindless 9 to 5. Since a side hustle is really a business at it’s core, I’m going...
Morning routines
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3 Ways Thriving Entrepreneurs Structure Their Morning Routines

Ever wonder what Bill Gates eats for breakfast? Or what Oprah’s favorite meditation is? Developing a unique routine that works for you is much more important than copying someone else’s habits to a tee. Different things work for different people. The faster we can accept that our individual preferences and needs have value, we can...
StartupNation Radio feature
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Winners in Business: StartupNation Radio feat. Bruce Liebowitz and Marci Taran

This episode of StartupNation Radio is brought to you by Pappas Financial  On today’s episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff is joined by co-host, Norm Pappas, president and CEO of Pappas Financial. Together, they interview two guests who have both been living and breathing entrepreneurship for years: Bruce Liebowitz and Marci Taran. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell...
side hustle
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5 Lessons This Entrepreneur Learned Building a Side Hustle

Like many entrepreneurs, I knew I wanted to run my own company from early on. I received an MBA, then spent several years in management consulting, which helped me learn how top executives think, what works in strategy and how to run a business. I planned to use this experience to seize future entrepreneurship opportunities,...
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10 Life-Changing Books Every Side Hustler Needs to Read

As an entrepreneur, I’m a big advocate of using books to level up my game for one simple reason: a $20 business book is one of the least expensive crash-course educations you can get today. For the cost of a decent dinner, you can get a book that may change your life. The following books...
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9 Habits Successful Entrepreneurs Use to Increase Productivity

There are always those successful entrepreneurs and small business owners who check so many tasks off of their to-do list, it seems they must have extra hours in the day. But since they’re only human, there must be something they’re doing to get so much done, right? There must be habits and hacks they have...
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Every Good Startup Goal Has These 6 Ingredients

You don’t need to hang a carrot from a stick in order to motivate your employees. You just need a good BHAG. This goal-setting concept was introduced in “Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies,” a book by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras. They explain a BHAG, or Big Hairy Audacious Goal, as one of...
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9 Ways to Conquer Fear and Realize Your True Potential

Everyone experiences fear. What defines you is how you face it. We asked these successful entrepreneurs and advisors in The Oracles to tell us how they manage their biggest fears. 1. Don’t avoid your fear — leverage it Fear is a great thing. It’s nature’s way of awakening us to danger, like when a lion is about...
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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Business

When I launched my business 35 years ago, I had a strong business idea and motivation to work for myself. I also had so many external challenges and worries facing me from the get-go. Could I do this? Should I do this? Do I have enough startup cash? What if I fail? In today’s startup...
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President of AppSumo on How You Can Build a Ride or Die Startup Team

Are you struggling to jumpstart your startup's motivation and revenue? Join Ayman Al-Abdullah, AppSumo president, as he shares his inspirational business story in this exclusive interview with Leveling Up, an entrepreneur interview show hosted by Single Grain CEO, Eric Siu. Ayman reveals how bringing culture to AppSumo strengthened the business’ management system, overall workflow and...
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5 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring Remote Employees

Remote employees are no longer an anomaly. In a recent survey by Gallup, 43 percent of surveyed Americans said that they spent some time working remotely, a 4 percent increase from 2012. What’s more, the benefits of hiring remote workers are difficult to ignore, including decreased overhead costs and increased productivity. Benefits aside, remote workers...
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3 Components of Becoming an Investable Entrepreneur

Emerging companies looking to grow their business, at some point, have exclaimed: “if I only had (fill in the business need here), then I could (fill in the business opportunity here).” The issue with that statement is that once that wish has been granted, it's highly likely it will fix one problem, but cause another....
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Use the Psychology of Motivation to Reach Your Goals

Do you have a long list of goals for your startup to achieve this year? If you do, you’re off to a great start; setting goals is the first step toward making them a reality. But the way you frame your goals is also crucial and has a significant impact on your likelihood of achieving them....
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You Don’t Need a Business Coach, You Need a Pro

It happens every time. Within moments of starting a conversation with successful startup founders and entrepreneurs (and over the years at Inc. magazine, I’ve interviewed and spoken with hundreds), they start talking about the people that helped them become successful. Their co-founders, their partners, their employees and the people who served as the inspiration for...
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5 Ways to Feign Motivation as a Solopreneur

When you work for yourself, it can be hard to find motivation. This article will provide you with some tips that’ll make getting revved up to take on the day’s projects at hand a little easier. Have a game plan When sitting down each morning, do yourself a favor and skip the list and use...