Law of Attraction

Harnessing the Law of Attraction in 5 Easy Steps

In the early 1900’s Andrew Carnegie, founder of US Steel and the world’s wealthiest man at the time, commissioned Napoleon Hill to study the successful people of their time and discover traits common to them and instrumental in their successes.  The results of Napoleon’s 20 year study culminated in the renowned book “Think and Grow Rich.”

Amongst the people that Napoleon interviewed were the following “mega-successful” people of the time:

Thomas Edison                        Alexander Graham Bell

Henry Ford                               Theodore Roosevelt

Woodrow Wilson                    John D. Rockefeller

Charles M. Schwab                 George Eastman

William Wrigley                     William Taft

There were many things that these amazing people all had in common, but one in particular, was that they all utilized the Law of Attraction.  Popularized by the book/documentary, “The Secret”, the Law of Attraction (LOA) essentially states that what you think about comes about.  Earl Nightingale’s “The Strangest Secret” states it this way:  “You become what you think about.”  In other words, you can bring events, things and circumstances into your life simply by relentlessly thinking about them.

I have personally studied and practiced the LOA in my own life for many years and have broken it down to the following simple steps:


Think relentlessly and exactly about what you want.  Be specific.  Create a vivid picture of it in your mind.  Don’t worry about how.

2)   FEEL IT

Generate the feeling of having what you want with childlike excitement. Create the experience of actually having it in your mind and heart.  Get emotional!  Generate emotions to such an extent that you feel like you actually DO have it.


Be grateful for being able to generate exactly what you want, that you have a life that you can fill with amazing experiences.


Your mind is likely to dwell on the reasons that you won’t get what you want.  It’s OK.  It’s natural.  Simply acknowledge them and replace them with positive thoughts.  Think about what you want, NOT about what you don’t want.


Speak about what you want.  Talk to people.  Be on the lookout for opportunities.  Take actions consistent with actually having what you want.

I’ve had many amazing experiences using the LOA, but I’d like to share one in particular that created the Arabian horse business of my dreams in a short amount of time.  About 7 years ago, I met my future business partner who was interested in starting an Arabian horse breeding business.  As an animal lover, I was captivated by the idea.  Apart from being around gorgeous animals, I was interested in the business of breeding Arabian horses.  How much can they sell for?  Who pays the big money for them?  I discovered that Arab Sheikhs, amongst others, will pay millions of dollars for high quality Arabian horses.  Although we had no idea how we were going to do it, we declared that we were going to sell our horses to Arab Sheikhs for a large and specific dollar amount.

Here’s how we used the LOA formula to create this vision:


We created a vision of selling our horses to Arab Sheikhs for a specific amount of money.  Along with that vision was creating an exceptional herd of Arabian horses, building our network and business, creating an exceptional brand, etc.  We wrote the vision down and constantly talked about it.

2)   FEEL IT

We generated the feeling of abundance and excitement having sold exceptional Arabian horses to Arab Sheikhs for an amount of money that would result in a financially thriving business.


We were so grateful for our thriving horse business and the financial abundance that we were about to enjoy.  We stoked the gratitude fires constantly, so thankful for the fulfillment of our vision.


Having not met an Arab Sheikh nor sold horses for the amount of our declaration, we were immediately met with negative thoughts like “It will be hard to meet Sheikhs” and “It’s not likely that we’ll be able to make that much money selling horses”, etc..  We simply disregarded them and replaced them with the thoughts and feelings of our vision.


Of course, it’s necessary to do those things to make a business succeed including branding, planning, buying and breeding horses, creating a website and social media presence, marketing the horses, going to horse shows, etc.  We got in the game 110%!

Here’s what happened:

My partner and I were at a horse show 6 months later and we were approached by a representative for very well known Sheikh inquiring about our horses.  Let me hit that hard… the Sheikh’s representative approached US, not the other way around.  6 months after that we were in the Middle East sitting alongside the world’s biggest Arabian horse buyers, including Sheikhs.  The following year we bred two breathtaking horses that sold to a Sheikh for exactly the amount of money we declared two years early.  A seemingly unlikely vision was realized in its entirety.  The gratitude for that moment still lives with us today.  This stuff is amazing!

I invite you to try this formula out over the next 30 days.  Pick something you’d like to manifest and work the formula.  You have nothing to lose, give it a shot.  The worst thing that can happen is that you feel good while doing it!

Please comment on your experiences and let’s help make the LOA real for everyone!

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