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Stop Yelling!!!!!!!

If you are in charge, there is no need to yell, throw a fit or have a tantrum. So learn to relax and just address situations in a professional manner…without a megaphone.

If you are in charge, there is no need to yell, throw a fit or misbehave in any way. Remember, you have the power to hire, fire and discipline. So relax if someone crosses the line, just address it in a calm and professional manner.    

As managers, we have to set a good example for others to follow. We can’t respond the way most others would because we’re not like most others. We’re in charge.   

When managers act unprofessional, they undermine their own authority. They are ineffective because they lose the respect and support of their team. Who wants to follow someone who is upset, crying, shouting, angry, up-tight, overwhelmed, etc?

Their team suffers because they do not have proper direction. When this happens, it won’t be long until a negative environment develops, full of resentment, poor performance and shrinkage.

The business also loses, because customers are not receiving the service they should.

It’s a losing situation for everyone.

But when managers act professionally, showing focus, discipline and composure, their team will in turn be focused, disciplined and productive. And their customers will be well cared for.

It’s a winning situation for all.

An important point to make here is that being professional does not mean being a robot. It means that you have mastered self-control, even when you are talking about something that is emotional. An example of this would be when something disturbing happens, you explain how you feel instead of acting it out.

But there’s more to being professional as a manger than just being able to communicate effectively. It’s a matter of how you approach your management position. Incorporate the following techniques, and you’ll mange others well:

  • Ask, don’t tell
  • Stay positive
  • Include your team in decisions that directly affect their world
  • Establish an open door policy
  • Support those who support you
  • Listen more than you speak
  • Make gathering input part of your decision making process
  • Never get emotional
  • Watch what you say
  • Focus on what’s working/right

While there is more to being an effective manager than these 10 points, this list is a good start. Remember, you lead by example. If you want your team to be professional and perform at their best, you’ll have to do so first.

With the right approach and a little effort you may never get upset again…at least at work.

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